ChildFund India is a child development organization that aims to uplift the lives of those most vulnerable and underprivileged. This effort involves helping children realize their rights and aiding them in becoming well-adjusted adults who bring positive changes within their communities. ChildFund has been working with the marginalized community and especially children for the past seven decades with the vision of “ India where children lead a dignified life and achieve their full potential.”
Here is an example of how ChildFund has had a positive impact on the life of one such child. Meena lives with her grandmother in a slum in Vijayawada. Meena’s parents passed away from HIV soon after her birth, and her grandmother struggled to make ends meet doing odd jobs. There were no abnormalities during Meena’s birth, but she soon began to fall sick quite often, and it was later discovered, that she too was infected with HIV. Due to this, Meena was not able to participate in the activities with other children; like going to preschool, playing in the park or even making friends.

ChildFund India stepped in to change Meena’s life constructively. They provided her with the medicines she needed and made sure she got healthy food supplements. They ensured that she received regular health checkups and carefully monitored her medication. Meena was also enrolled in a nearby preschool to prevent her from becoming a victim of the stigma and discrimination associated with AIDS.

ChildFund also helped to empower Meena’s grandmother by helping her to receive the benefits of various Government schemes and by providing her with a sewing machine and other tools necessary for making a dignified living. The introduction of timely, regular medical treatments in Meena’s life has created a notable difference in both her appearance and her energy levels. This level of support has allowed Meena and her grandmother to lead normal, respectable lives.

There are countless similar lives that ChildFund has changed. ChildFund believes that children are the future of the country, but they fall short of achieving their full potential because of external factors like scarcity and lack of opportunities. This robs them of necessities like health, education, nutrition, and other essentials required to lead a fulfilling life. ChildFund believes children thrive in supporting environments, which begins with the family and extends to the community and its stakeholders.

ChildFund has successfully established a relationship with various stakeholders that are crucial to providing a safe environment for children, including the community, the governing bodies at the district, state, and national level; academic institutions, media agencies, as well as corporate agencies. ChildFund works with these bodies to assess the impact of different kinds of violence that children are exposed to, to create realistic responses to such predicaments.

ChildFund India is partnered with 44 NGOs, is based in 15 states, has 10 million dollars invested annually, and affects 2.5 million lives per year. It was awarded the Prahlad P. Chhabria Memorial Global Award in 2018 by the Priyadarshini Academy. Their long commitment to the field of child development is evident in the innumerable lives they have affected. Their adherence to values of mutual respect and their drive to sustain real change defines their long relationships with local partners and donors, at both the national and the international level.

ChildFund’s positive impact–as seen in the case of Meena, speaks for itself. ChildFund acts as a catalyst in these children’s lives by enabling them with the tools and resources to empower themselves. Their signature programs are Healthy and Secure Infants (from 0 to 5 years), Educated and Confident Children (from the ages of 6 to 14 years), and the Skilled and Involved Youth (from 15 to 24 years) each have a specific purpose. These are all need-based projects implemented with the support of various stakeholders. Each program addresses the requirement of the age range and is built on the tenets of child protection, gender equity, and disaster management.
ChildFund believes that in protecting the children, we preserve the future of our country, which is why it is prudent to provide them a safe and nurturing environment in which they can grow up to be healthy adults.