anand kumar Super 30

 A  happiness program event was organized recently at Shaheed Hemu Kalani Government School. Manish Sisodia, education minister of Delhi present in the event mentioned that Anand Kumar, of the Super 30 program fame where he provided coaching to the underprivileged students for their IIT entrance exam has agreed to teach government school students once in a month. 

Anand Kumar will be connecting with the students of class XII and XII virtually and provide inputs to their engineering aspirations. Kumar also spoke highly about some of the initiatives taken by the government and thereby uplifting the education sector. Manish Sisodia also mentioned that the movie ‘Super 30’ will be getting a tax-free status. The movie is based on Anand Kumar’s life.

Manish Sisodia also mentioned that the government has made some developments and added over 7000 classrooms and would soon be completing 13000 classrooms to accommodate more children in schools. however, one of the key challenges faced by the government is the lack of teachers.

 The Aam Aadmi Party also stated that the standard of the government schools has improved tremendously and the number of students moving from private schools to government schools is increasing. Dr L. K. Dubey, principal of the Shaheed Hemu Kalani mentioned that 587 students have moved from private to the government school in the last year and the current year the number has increased to 959.

Lack of infrastructure and teachers are a couple of key challenges faced by government schools across the country. Building more classrooms and providing more facilities along with increasing the strength of teachers has to be the most important agenda of every government. In spite of the good salary and other great facilities, there seems to be a major decrease in the number of people opting for government teaching jobs.

 While the governments of all states are doing their best to make changes it is important that the common man starts considering the facilities of the government schools and looking up to it as an option of education for their children. There have been many IT companies providing better infrastructure and IT employees trying to teach kids in government schools.

 There has been a tremendous change in the quality of education, infrastructure, and facilities in government schools. The right to education and other provisions brought by the government are changing the way government schools are looked at however, it is a long way from achieving a 100% state-run education.