Andhra Pradesh government

Jagan Mohan Reddy, the present Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh government recently announced that all government-run schools must provide an education to their students in English. This includes the schools that are primarily using Tamil as their medium of instruction. During a cabinet meeting, the YSR Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh firmly believed and unanimously decided to convert all schools in their state into English-medium ones. Though this has received a lot of backlash from more conservative political parties, it has been highly applauded by netizens all over India.

The Andra Pradesh government has decided to spend over 12,000 crores, to help schools with infrastructure and amenities for students for the next four years, leading right up to college. Hopefully, by the end of it all, it will be a prime example of spending public money properly. Jagan Mohan also spoke about his aim and plan with this revolutionary idea as he said “I want to make sure that we stick to our decision of introducing English medium in Government schools from classes one to six, by next year. Then, in the next four years, one by one more class will be covered till SSC every single year. By the end of these four years, English medium will be the norm in all Government primary and high schools. It will be compulsory. But Telugu, or Urdu, won’t be disregarded and it will be taught in all the classes.”

This programme has been named “Naada-Nedu.” It will be actively helping over 45,000 government schools. While work has already begun for Phase 1, it will be useful in narrowing the list down to 15,000. The Andra Pradesh government will be mostly focusing on the infrastructure and the faculty, for now, helping better the conditions for education in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

When asked about how severely the programme is being criticized by other people, he said, “These men and women are needlessly raising a cry as if my Government is ruining Telugu language and culture. The fact is that their children and grandchildren are studying in English medium and their love for Telugu is not manifested in that scenario. They want children who are from poorer sections to study in Telugu and suffer all the setbacks, while their children and grandchildren land the plump jobs. I advise these people to shun hypocrisy and be a little bit more democratic.”

This will be new, and hopefully, a great step towards a brighter India, as our children will be prepared to face the world on a bigger platform, and we can globally become known.

Education is one of the most neglected sectors has finally been highlighted by the Andra Pradesh government. Hopefully, even though it might be difficult for the teachers and the students, this will bring about standardization to the educational quality all over the state. “Teachers need to be trained and students have to be prepared and the syllabus needs to change, but we have to face and overcome all these challenges for the bright future of our children,” Reddy added.