Sensitization of the masses & creating awareness is the key to stopping any disease from largely affecting a population. This is because early detection ensures cure. Health education becomes even more important for those whose jobs require them to be exposed to hazardous elements. Apple is doing just that in India – imparting health education to its workers in the country.

Apple has claimed that there has been a stark improvement – in this year’s ‘Supplier Responsibility Progress Report’, Apple has shown that there has been a 60% increase in the knowledge about proper nutrition, 85% increase in knowledge about early signs of cancer and its detection and 54% increase in knowledge on health issues like diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension etc among the company’s supplier workers in India. These values have been generated on the findings concerning workers employed with Apple supplier, Wistron Corporation’s manufacturing unit in India. Wistron Corporation is a Taiwanese company which currently manufactures iPhones in its Bengaluru unit. The company is reported to have further plans for expansion in the country.

Apple’s efforts in promoting health education were observed in 2017 when the company launched the unique ‘peer-to-peer training’ model for the same. This awareness campaign was launched in China with many of Apple’s supplier facilities in the country. Not only was the programme meant to spread information on personal healthcare management, but it also aimed at empowering women by encouraging their inclusion in the supply chain.

In India, Apple collaborated with St John’s Medical College in Bengaluru, to promote health education. The job of the latter was to conduct a needs assessment in the regard. St John’s Medical College could assess the exact type and quality of healthcare education that the workers of Wistron Corporation, Bengaluru required to lead a disease-free, medically empowered and healthy life.

Apple has put together a training curriculum based on the findings of the needs assessment. For effective & fast improvement of health and knowledge of healthcare, the curriculum was implemented in key areas. St John’s Medical College also conducted nutrition consultations. This has led to remarkable quality uplift in the canteens and cafeterias of several supplier facilities.

Apple is setting an example worldwide in employee welfare. As per records, till 2018, Apple has been able to impart personal healthcare awareness training to over 250, 000 employees of its suppliers, globally. Apple has set a target of bringing health awareness programming to a million of its supplier facility employees across the globe, by the year 2020.

Apple has been successful in imparting workplace rights awareness to over 17.3 million supplier facility employees and advanced education and skill training to a whopping 3.6 million employees worldwide in 2018.

As many as 770 assessments of facilities have been conducted by Apple, in 30 countries in the world. This covers 93% of the company’s supplier spend. Apple is also setting examples in the field of employee welfare as it has done so in the field of electronics, telecom and innovation, since years.

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