Ashwathy Satheesan From NID Wins The James Dyson Award

NID Ahmedabad student Ashwathy Satheesan, James Dyson Award 2019 Ashwathy Satheesan a 22-year-old student from National Institute of Design ( NID ), Ahmedabad is the winner of the James Dyson Award 2019. Ashwathy found the device Fleo pen. The pen uses gyroscopic principles which enables to control the tremor impacts of a Parkinson’s patient. The pen helps the patients to write and draw well. The pen has a copper ring and operates through a battery-run motor.

Ashwathy Satheesan said that the award helped in providing support and confidence for the professional boost of their career at an early stage. She said that the award enabled students to bring more meaningful ideas to life. The Fleo pen now needs facilitators and collaborators.

After receiving the James Dyson Award Ashwathy mentioned that it provided an excellent platform and exposure for the Fleo pen and that the pen could be improved by using better material, design, and affordability with help of experts.

NID Ahmedabad student Ashwathy Satheesan, James Dyson Award 2019 She also said that the award money helped to kick start the process. The prize money for the award was £2,000. Satheesan mentioned that classroom projects like Fleo have a lot of potentials to become viable solutions with a lot of room for improvement with a greater learning experience.

Caeli, an invention by the students of Manav Rachna the Institute of Research and studies, Faridabad won the second prize. Caeli is an anti-pollution mask that is designed for asthma patients living in regions with poor air quality. Caeli works as a portable drug and helps to keep the pure air flow continuously.

The third prize winner of the James Dyson award is also another student from the National Institute of Design ( NID ), Ahmedabad for the device Sanicle. Sanicle is a cost-efficient, portable, and low-maintenance toilet for people with no fixed residence like refugees, military camps, and slum-dwellers in remote locations. Sanicle helps to dispose of waste safely.

Ashwathy Satheesan From NID Wins The James Dyson AwardThe National Institute of Design ( NID ) is a self-managed body that works under the Government of India, Ministry of commerce and industry, and Department of Industry and Internal Trade. National Institute of Design ( NID ) has its branches in Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Gandhinagar. James Dyson award is bestowed upon the winners of the competition that is conducted annually and is participated by design engineers following an iterative design process.

There are tons of talented students like Ashwathy Satheesan across India brimming with viable and sustainable ideas and recognitions like James Dyson award helps in bringing such budding talent to light. However, more recognitions/awards need to be set up by the Government of India to bring such talents to light and build more such products of engineering excellence.