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Coding is simply a method to communicate with a computer. The developer writes a program containing specific instructions using a language that a computer can understand and follow. Coding is what creates software, apps, video games, and websites. These days more and more companies are offering to train young kids in the science of computer coding and ethical hacking. When age is not a bar, do you still think India is ready ready for this academic revolution? 

coding kids computer coding schoolTeaching code to kids a good idea…

By getting an understanding of how computers work and learning the coding basics will help kids in developing an appreciation for how things work. They will learn how they can use math to solve problems in a creative and logical way. By teaching kids coding at an early age, they will be able to become excellent problem solvers.

When children are learning to code, they are developing the ability to try after failing. Debugging the code is considered to be an integral part of coding. So, when children fail and try again, it serves as an opportunity for them to learn from their own mistakes. They will try until they are successful and get the results they want.

Computer programming is more than typing lines of code. It will teach children how to think differently. To code effectively, they have to use logical thinking. They must see the bigger problem and solve it effectively by breaking it into smaller pieces. It is an important feature of computational thinking. While coding, children will have to take a vague idea and turn it into something effective using their creativity.

Coding gives children an opportunity to experiment and be creative. They will be designing something that is their own and will thrive from the feedback they receive. Learning to code is just like learning how to play an instrument. All they need is motivation.

.. However, it could be a rush idea to start too early.

While children should be prepared to step out in the world, they should also be allowed to play and enjoy their childhood. It is important for parents to understand that pushing down an interest or a career in programming won’t do their child any good. Children should be exposed to programming only when they are in their late teens. 

It is important that children explore different opportunities in areas like science, math, and others. Computer coding is an advanced area and it shouldn’t be forced down on the child just because it is the norm. Even if the child shows interest in robotics and computer games, it should not be taken as a signal for making them career ready. To ensure that a child has a sustained interest, computer technology, math, and science activities should be kept interactive and open-ended.

Teaching kids to code is not the key to success. What will make them successful is how they think – innovatively, expansively, and creatively. And the only way to achieve this is through free and unstructured play. Once the child reaches an appropriate age, they can get into the world of programming. Until then, parents need to take a step back, get some perspective, and let their child enjoy their childhood.