CBSE Board Exam Education Sports Concession Higher secondary studentsThe Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) in consultation with SAI, has taken a novel step and decided to allow all students playing international sports to appear for the CBSE secondary and higher secondary board exams at a later date in case of the event’s clash with the exams dates.

The Central Board of Secondary education has issued a circular to schools on the 26th of December, 2018 for the same which read, “It has been decided to…extend such facilitation hereon to all such students whose CBSE board exams clash with their participation in an international sports event that is recognized by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and the student participates as a representative of India. For such students, their examination will be conducted at a later stage, at a date mutually convenient to the student and the board, before the declaration of board results.”

CBSE Board Exam Education Sports Concession Higher secondary studentsAlthough last year in March-April 2018, the CBSE board allowed about 9 students participating in International sports events to appear for their secondary or higher secondary board examinations at a later date than the scheduled dates, this year the CBSE decided to morph it into a policy.

The students have been allowed time till the 31st of January, 2019 to inform the respective regional offices about their upcoming events so that in case of a clash of those event dates with the exam timetable, they are allowed to appear for the examination at a later date. This information was also made available to the students, teachers, and principals through the circular that was issued to all CBSE schools on the 26th of December. The issued circular read, “Students may make a request in writing to the CBSE through their schools along with recommendations from SAI.” This decision to morph last year’s decision into a concrete policy was taken after the board received multiple requests from the students whose event’s dates coincided with the exam dates in the past few years and as a result, had to miss out on either their board exam or their sports event.

CBSE Board Exam Education Sports Concession Higher secondary studentsThis decision that has been taken by the Central Board of Secondary Education was welcomed by the Principals of almost all the CBSE schools across the country. The CBSE has worked towards uplifting the importance of sports and physical activities in a student’s life to maintain health as well as a quality of life last year as well by introducing a mandatory period every day into the school timetables for sports, games and physical activities.

In our country where a career in sports is not appreciated as much as any other academics-based career, this special provision provided by the CBSE for the youth participating and excelling in sports events is indeed a praiseworthy one.