The Chandigarh rape case has shocked the nation. The Chandigarh rape case involves a minor of class one by her senior of class seven in the school’s restroom.To say the least of the depravity, there have been multiple loopholes that are identified at the school as well as other levels in managing the inquiry.

A meeting was held with the girl’s parents, cops, principal as well as officials from the district education office by the Commission for Protection of Child’s Rights, Chandigarh.

Gaps were found at each level by the commission chairperson Harjinder Kaur. On October 22, the parents had approached the school principal. This is when the Principal wrote a letter to the district education officer. But unfortunately, the police did not approach till October 25. The media brought this case to light on October 26. On the same day, CCPCR dialed the helpline number 181. Finally, the police had to register the case. Unfortunately, neither the DEO nor the girl’s parents reached the police as suggested by the POCSO Act.

The Chandigarh Police Commission has decided to act strongly in the case against those found accountable for mishandling the case. The commission chairperson Harjinder Kaur stated that it is required to fix the loops in dealing with such a susceptible case. It was also said that there is dire need of mass awareness so that such crimes do not repeat.

As per the sources, the boy’s parents also have been summoned by the police.

The police had asked for the CCTV footage to be kept as an evidence. But this key aspect that could have unfolded the case (i.e. the CCTV footage) actually went missing. The school was only able to provide the footage of the previous week even when it is necessary to have recordings of at least a month. When introspected, the school came up with an explanation that the camera was weak and the CCTV footage for that day ain’t available. As per what the girl’s parents conveyed to the helpline as well as the commission, she was assaulted by a boy of class VII from her school either on October 5 or 6. They took her to the doctor only when the child developed an infection wherein the on-duty doctor at Government Multi-speciality Hospital of Sector 16 Chandigarh informed that he suspected a sexual assault.

Now the question here is that in case, the doctor suspected a sexual assault then why didn’t he immediately inform the police? However, the police also have to be blamed for not making efforts to identify or even summon the doctor.

Ms. Kaur stated that she’d be writing to the police authorities for investigating at this point. She also told that she is waiting for the minutes of the meeting to be prepared as there were several other important points and aspects that were thought and talked about.

As per the POSCO Act, those found guilty will definitely have to face the action. The case has brought to light a dirty picture and needs to be amended as soon as possible otherwise it would leave a deep impact on Chandigarh’s public image.

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