Ancient Indian Wisdom

Ancient Indian Wisdom

With the advancement of western science and its feats, the younger generation surely needs to be made aware of the ‘Ancient Indian Wisdom‘ that our ancestor’s contributed towards. In times like these, when anxiety and stress are common ailments, one can derive some much-needed perils from our ancient gurus. One thing about the ancient society was the fact that they were so progressive and open about many of the practices that are now being debated over. The only thing that will save the digitally connected world from descending into madness is to get back in touch with our roots, traditions and wisdom. 

Why we need ‘Ancient Wisdom’?

Over the years, man has reinforced a particular prototyped mindset. The differences in our cultures, names, geographical location do not matter much when it comes to instilling a sense of community in the surroundings and innovating for survival. To attempt to see what’s in store for us in the future, we must know where we came from. We study yesterday for a better today. There is a growing need for us to study the relevance of ancient wisdom to that of today. In light of these realizations, many universities have started this course for the good of youth. One such university is the government degree college of Dharamshala that has introduced this course from the current academic session.

Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama the 14th addressed the students about the importance of this course and the need for the revival of knowledge. Speaking of his commitments to the Indian youth, he addressed a gathering of students and faculty about this six-month-long certificate course.

The Nobel peace prize awardee has always kept world peace and connecting with one’s inner self as his main objectives. “The world needs more of this knowledge,” he added while speaking about the importance this course holds. To fill people with a sense of oneness and encourage a feeling of community is the goal behind the course. According to Dalai Lama, ‘Ahimsa and Karuna’ cannot be learnt through textbooks but constant prayers and rituals. The students and faculty of this college this course will be important to reform the lives of younger generations. With a student intake of 30, this course approved by the HPU [Himachal Pradesh University].

The principal of this college Kumar said: “The syllabus has also been confirmed by HPU”. He further spoke about the course is essential as the emotional competence of students is decreasing day by day. Upon asking reviews about this course a student said it helped him transform into a calmer human being after taking this course. This course is one of its kind because it has been introduced in the college.


Ancient wisdom has always been prevalent in all cultures and is the single most reliable source of knowledge and wisdom. With the introduction of this course, students can know their roots, the ideas about their culture and connect with themselves on a deeper spiritual level.