With an MBA degree in Marketing, you will be qualified for executive and management positions. Since business programs focus on the development of communication and leadership skills, you will be able to easily advance to marketing positions. With this degree, you will be qualified for a senior-role in sales, media, and entertainment, general management, brand management, digital marketing, business development, or advertisement. Thanks to technology, more innovative job profiles and creative areas are added to the marketing world.


According to Payscale, the average annual income of an MBA professional in marketing is Rs. 7,66,481. This salary can differ as per your company, sector, and seniority. Some of the top recruiters are Tata Consultancy Services, Amazon, Vodafone, Kotak Mahindra Bank, HDFC Bank, and Citibank. Marketing graduates are also hired by FMCG giants like P&G, Marico, HUL, and international advertising agencies like DDB Mudra, McCann Erickson, etc. Top tech giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Google, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and IBM also hire MBA professionals for different leading roles. Most MBA professionals are hired by startups like Swiggy, Paytm, and Ola, etc. to fulfil the traditional functions and building processes. So, you will have access to a plethora of job opportunities with lucrative pay scales.


One of the main reasons behind the increasing popularity of MBA in marketing graduates among the modern-day recruiters is the risk skill set they have. If you choose Invertis University for your MBA in Marketing program, you will be prepared for a marketing career in different sectors across a wide range of industries.


During your course in business school, you will work on your communication prowess, analytical thinking, and ability to lead and deliver strategic projects. The coursework will include several assignments and projects for which you will be working in teams. This will considerably upgrade your problem-solving and interpersonal skills. Moreover, you will be working on tight deadlines and continuous performance evaluation that will prepare you for the corporate environment.


Invertis University also ensures that students have hands-on experience and business experience through 8 to 10 weeks of summer school. Students work in different business horses, legal arms, financial institutions, hotels, hospitals, etc. Also, the University ensures that students have regular interaction with business and industry leaders through special lectures. 


The university also has a Resource Centre, an empowering library that offers audio-visual aids. It also offers medical support systems, renovates hostels, a vast parking facility for students and faculty, and a modern gymnasium. The university has an eco-friendly environment for the students. The entire campus is a smoke-free zone. In fact, the university is also taking active steps to initiate green initiatives like solar heating, paper recycling, and rainwater harvesting. Moreover, the University is taking extensive measures for addressing the need for security and vigilance. 


In order to bridge the gap between the skills of students and expectations of the industry, Invertis University has an Industry Immersion program where students can work on their professional development. The program was created for sensitizing students regarding the dynamics of the industry, realities of business, and its cross-functional nature. Industrial visits are often arranged followed by meetings with experienced industry professionals. 


Through this program, the University helps students in learning the best processes and practices used in some of the biggest brands in the world. Students will get an opportunity to hear about it from the industry leaders directly. These lectures include discussing the core strategies used in the fields of marketing, branding, innovation, and shopper insights. When students understand, analyze, integrate, and implement industry knowledge and culture, they are able to uplift themselves and their skill set.


The University has the perfect mix of curriculum and creativity that helps students innovate and learn new things. Invertis University prides itself on its implementation of innovative ideas that make the teaching-learning process effective. A few examples of teaching methods included in the curriculum are educational visits, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and role play. Through creative classrooms, students have several opportunities for expressing themselves. Invertis University implements several such innovative practices and has excelled in providing quality education that is at pace with the current technological advancements. Here are a few examples of them:



  • Industrial Visits


Invertis University has made industrial visits a part of its curriculum plan. Every year, students from the campus visit different companies so that they can understand the company’s internal workings. Industrial visits have helped students in applying their learning in a real-life situation where they have industry experts as their mentors.



  • Social Welfare Programmes


Invertis University is indulged in welfare programs created for ensuring the wellbeing of the citizens of the country. The curriculum plan includes this program for providing quality care to the society participants.



  • Guest Lectures


In order to be successful at marketing, it is important to combine theoretical knowledge along with a practical approach. The University conducts several lectures that enable the students to enrich their knowledge regarding the subject. This helps improve their global learning and exposure, creativity, and technical innovation.



  • Expertise Enhancement


Through the coursework, you will have plenty of exposure that will help you attain expertise and hone your skills. Also, you will get a chance to earn industry internships and certifications that will give you a headstart on your career. When you have access to live projects, training, workshops courses, and extensive laboratory work, having a successful marketing career becomes easy.


Now that you know how the MBA in marketing program from Invertis University can make you a suitable fit for the business world. The program will transform your career. The immersion program, mentorship, and network opportunities are just a part of what Invertis has to offer. So, enrol in the program now and start your Marketing career.