Careers That Are Booming Amidst The Covid19 Pandemic


Life seems like a big cycle of worries but nothing like what’s happening right now. Our lives have completely changed since the advent of the Covid-19 virus. Right from not being able to go to the office to being sacked because of the abrupt halt of commercial activity, professionals around the world are gripped with fear and uncertainty. During this economic downturn, it might become difficult to find a job. However, every recession produces new opportunities. Here, we have compiled a list of career opportunities that have gained a lot of popularity during these uncertain times.Careers That Are Booming Amidst The Covid19 Pandemic

  • Online Tutors
  • Psychologists
  • Fitness instructors
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Insurance Salesman
  • Data Science

1. Online Tutors

This lockdown has upended our education system in India and our $180 billion education sector is going online. With schools getting shifted to online platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Google several opportunities have been created for stay-at-home mothers and retired people. People have also started taking online classes for various subjects. It is also being predicted that the net worth of companies such as Unacademy, Vedantu, and Byju’s is going to increase in the coming times for this is going to be the new normal. This will increase the employment opportunities in not just the urban parts but also in the rural parts of the country as all you need is an internet connection and a laptop. Being home to more than 4k+ Ed-tech start-ups, India is going to see a surge of job opportunities in this sector.

Careers That Are Booming Amidst The Covid19 Pandemic
2. Psychologists

One of the most worrisome aspects of this pandemic is the increasing number of mental health issues. Being shut from the outside world and asked to spend our days inside four walls can be overwhelming for a lot of people thereby creating anxiety issues. Hence, in these times of uncertainty, a person who can talk us out of our troubles and help keep us calm is indeed much needed. Due to this reason, numerous multinational companies are hiring certified psychologists in order to maintain the well-being of their employees. In this new isolation and lockdown era, the market expects an increase in demand for mental health services.


3. Fitness Instructors

Let us not forget about how this pandemic (along with some horrific news) has brought about a constructive change in our schedules as well. Earlier, we used to Careers That Are Booming Amidst The Covid19 Pandemicmore or less run around throughout the day owing to the busy schedules but now that we need to sit back and work remotely, people have started giving importance to physical fitness and emotional fitness as well. Due to this, a shift is seen towards Yoga, Aerobics, and other forms of fitness. As a result of this need, you will find several employment opportunities in this sector. Apps like Alo wave, Down Dog, Daily Yoga and Shilpa Shetty Yoga have witnessed phenomenal business.

4. Biomedical Engineering

The field of Biomedical Engineering lies at the intersection of healthcare, biology, engineering, and medicine. The main aim of this industry is to invent equipment and systems that can solve clinical problems. In these times of increased Covid-19 cases all over the world, this is hands down the most important job. Also, in the near future, even after all this gets over, the world will be looking at the development of healthcare systems such that they can easily combat any upcoming future threat, causing numerous opportunities being created in this field.

5. Insurance Salesman

All this worry is finally pushing people to buy life insurances. With the spread of the virus, the number of policies in the insurance industries has also seen a rise. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, people have become increasingly aware and concerned about the financial impact that this virus would have in case any of the family members becomes infected. As a result of this, a lot of people have started buying medical insurance for themselves and the entire family as well as illness insurance as well. Hence, a lot of job openings have become available in this sector as well.

6. Data Science

Studies have shown that data usage has gone up by 38 percent globally ever since the outbreak of Covid-19. Due to this, the already steady jobs for data analysts, data engineers, and data scientists will see a surge in the number of employment opportunities. With some secure protocols being deployed, this is one job that can thrive in a remote environment as well. As the data usage increases (which definitely will even in the future), so will the job opportunities in this field.