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The alumni of an institute are a reflection of what they stand for, their past, present, and the link to the future. In the last decade, educational institutions have started to change how they interact with their alumni. Earlier, the alma-mater and alumni were considered to be separate where the existence of one is not dependent on the other. Local alumni chapters were formed for interacting with fellow alumni. But, these associations didn’t have any means of interacting with the college they graduated from.


Social media platforms have completely changed the way alumni chapters work and have taken the alumni relationship with the alma-mater to a whole nother level. Universities have started to understand the importance of having a strong alumni network. For this, they have started using networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc. to harness the strength and power of alumni.


Invertis University, established in 1998, believes the same. For this, we have created the Invertis University Alumni Association. The sole purpose of this association is to create a strong tie between the alumni and the Invertis University. Apart from this, it also provides facilities like Bulletin Board, posting information, career options, etc. Overall, the alumni association is able to create a strong, positive impact on the university and life of the students. We have turned our alumni relationships into a strategic asset for ourselves which makes us stand apart from the competition.

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The Alumni Association at the Invertis University offers support to the students and to the institute. The institution keeps an updated database of all the contacts. Students are able to benefit from the experience and skills of our graduates. The university has tried keeping the alumni network engaged and well-informed. This is why today they boast the best ambassadors and most loyal supporters. They are continuously using their personal and professional network for providing invaluable promotion and marketing. Alumni are providing students with business and placement opportunities. The association is for bringing the alumni community together and making them feel involved.


With the Invertis University Alumni Association, alumni can do the following:

  • Find fellow graduates and reminisce with them. This is a great way of seeing what everyone is up to.
  • Make meaningful connections, speak to students, give advice to fellow alumni, and recruit future graduates.
  • Expand your professional network.
  • Advance your career by making inside connections with people who work in top organizations.

Students can also take advantage of this alumni network. Whether they have graduated or currently studying, all students of Invertis University share common education and values. This is why alumni like to hire them. This also goes for alumni who are looking to train students or change their career. Our alumni have a lot of skills and experience that they can share with our current students. This is why we organize meets, talks, guest lectures, etc.

Invertis University AlumniThe Invertis University Alumni Association takes this even further. In some cases, the alumni offer to support the students during work placements and help them launch their careers. With a strong alumni network, current students can get real-life benefits. Alumni donate their time offering career support to the students currently studying in the university. This way, students are able to get an enhanced experience and have a competitive edge in the tough job market. Also, the alumni network has become one of the best sources of placement opportunities for the students where they can get placed easily at their respective organizations.

Another important aspect of having a strong Alumni network is scholarships and mentorship programs. Alumni often work actively in voluntary programs where they are able to share the best practices and their expertise in a particular field/ Many alumni also contribute scholarships to the deserving students.


This is why it is important for every institute to leverage its alumni community. It is a win-win situation for the alumni and the institute. This is because most of them want to show their affinity and gratitude towards the institute by giving back to their alma mater.


Invertis University, Bareilly has come a long way since its establishment in 1998. Back then, it was just one institute – The Invertis Institute of Management Studies. Currently, we are a full-fledged university with 8 faculty structures. We offer a number of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in management, engineering and technology, law, computer applications, pharmacy, journalism and mass communication, science, architecture, bio-science and technology, commerce, fashion design, and education.


At Invertis, we believe that the achievement of students determines the achievements of the teachers. This is why we ensure that we have the best faculties from the top institutes like IIMs, IITs, and NITs. With their knowledge, they are able to help the students do well in classes and make a pathway for the students even when their studies are finished.