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Among a lot of other reasons, South Korea is applauded for its disciplined education system. South Korea being one of the most educated countries of the world also holds an excellent record of the highest number of citizens holding a tertiary education degree. The country has been putting efforts and has focused on providing education to international students. Recent studies show a growth of 18.8% in 2017 in foreign enrolments in Korean universities. South Korean is also Asia’s third-largest economy which shows the country invests in the right education and research.

Most of the universities are in Seoul, the country’s capital. The most sought after areas of education for Indian students in Korea include arts, science, and business-related courses.

Here are 6 reasons why South Korea should be on your list if you are planning to study abroad.

BTS Army KPOP South Korea

  1. Quality of education – South Korea has an undeniably good system of education as higher education is taken seriously in the country. Quality of education remains uncompromised with many professors graduating from Ivy League colleges. 
  2. Low cost of living – with the cost of transportation, food etc being very affordable in South Korea, it makes the country one of the cheapest places for education.
  3. Language and culture- Though the common tongue is Korean, all South Korean students today learn English throughout their education. The culture is friendly and India has a cordial relationship with the country. Koreans are also known to be hard-working people and will prove to be a good influence for the students. 
  4. Career – South Korea is one of the most secure places when it comes to financial stability. Over time, South Korea has become the most chosen option for job seekers and investors. Students can expect a rewarding career in South Korea.
  5. Safety concerns- Leaving home for education in another country sure takes a lot of assurance concerning the safety of the student. Luckily, South Korea is one of the safest places for international students. The crime rate is almost zero and people have a sense of hospitality towards foreigners.
  6. Grants and scholarships – The government has been investing in quality education for international students and has declared a lot of scholarships to ease the financial burden. Almost all universities accept multiple scholarships too, making education in South Korea affordable. 


Top Universities in South Korea for International students.

BTS Army KPOP South Korea

Seoul National University:

Founded in the 1950s, Seoul National University is considered one of the oldest and reputed universities in the Republic of Korea. 

With a total of 3 campuses, one in Gwanak and the other two in Daehangno and Pyeongchang, it compromises of 16 colleges. The university offers courses in diverse fields like Law, pharmacy, business, fine arts, medicine and many more. 

Ranking- 36th in QS world university rankings.

2nd in QS South Korean university rankings.

Contact information – The university website


Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH):

POSTECH is a university fully dedicated to areas of science and technology. Established in 1986, it is very well known for its diverse research fields. POSTECH provides professional courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences, Technology, and various other courses. It is also known to have the best scholarship programs making it one of the affordable universities to study in. 

Ranking – 83rd in QS world university rankings.

12th in QS Asia university rankings. 

Contact information – The university website

BTS Army KPOP South Korea

Korea University :

Korea University is said to be one of the oldest and prestigious universities of the country. Founded in 1905, it is known for its amazing faculty and quality of education. With 95% of the professors holding a PhD qualification in their area of study. The Korea university also offers fellowships, grants and scholarships to students. It is famous for its Law school which is considered to be very reputed in the country. Other courses students prefer here are journalism, economics and humanities. 

Ranking – 86th in QS world university rankings.

3rd in QS South Korean university rankings

Contact information – The official website


Yonsei University 

Located in the country’s capital, Yonsei University was established in 1885. It offers research in various fields like Economics, Commerce, Law, Engineering, Medicine, Life Sciences and much more. The main campus is in Seoul and it offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs. They also have an exchange student program which enables opportunities to international students who wish to study in Korea. 

Ranking – 20th rank in Asia/ Pacific region according to the ARWU( academic ranking of world universities) 

3rd in South Korea according to ARWU.

Contact information – The university website


Hanyang University:

Earlier known as the DongA university, it was first established in 1939. It is one of the leading colleges in engineering and research. Research programs include media and communication, medicine, business administration, natural sciences and environment, biological sciences to name a few. The university also has a list of important alumni including Chung Mong-Koo (Chairman of Hyundai Motor Group). 

Ranking- 150th in QS world university ranking

48th in QS WUR by subject ranking. 

Contact information – The university’s official website


Ewha Woman’s University:

The Ewha women’s university was first started in 1886 in Seoul. Collaborating with 830 partners in 64 countries, it is one of the biggest female institutions in the country. There are a few male students enrolled too constituting about 30% of the total students. It is reported to be a student’s most prefered law college. 

Ranking- 331st in the QS world university ranking. 

101th in the QS WUR by subject ranking.

Contact information – The university’s official website

These are the list of colleges that are among the best in South Korea. South Korean offers a pleasant and academic environment for one to excel in studies and have a successful career.