Invertia 2020 Invertis University

Athrangi, Invertia is the annual college fest conducted by the Invertis University, Bareilly. A spectrum of fun and vibrancy Invertia 2020 would host some of the best entertainments acts from across the country. The festival promises some innovative competitions and performances that are both curricular and extra-curricular oriented. The highlight of Invertia 202o is a live performance by Harrdy Sandhu. The Punjabi crooner is going to belt some of his chart-busting numbers to swoon the audiences.  Invertia 2020 is one of the most awaited college fests in India.


Harrdy Sandhu Invertia 2020

Harrdy Sandhu Invertia 2020

Invertia 2020, the annual festival of the year has paved the way for some amazing contests and activities in the years to come. It portrays the creative thinking, hard work, leadership, and teamwork of the students, teachers, volunteers, and the committee involved in the planning and organizing of this event that attained the utmost success. It was a great event that was thoroughly enjoyed both by participants and the guests.

Let us look at some of the innovative ideas that could well be making the top of the list of concepts for the Invertia 2020 of the Invertis University:

  • Jazz band sweepstakes
  • Individual performances of musical instruments
  • Live music/non-musical performances
  • Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things(IoT) related competitions
  • Shortfilm making contest on concepts of each department
  • Live workshops on green earth concept
  • Awarding students with best socially responsible behaviour
  • Augmented and Virtual reality game concept development competitions
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable development based ideas/ innovation in the concerned branch of the study of the students

Invertia 2020 is an event that is glorious and the audiences are in awe of the innovative and creative ideas behind the various competitions/events organized. While Invertia always manages to leave a lasting impression, it also creates a high expectation from the students for the next year.Invertia 2020 Invertis University

Emphasizing music, dance, and other art-based competitions enable us to strike a balance with the curricular and extra-curricular activities. Contests and group projects/shows based on the latest technology involving Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things(IoT) help students to stay abreast of the latest in the technology world. The development of concepts, games, and applications based on Augmented reality would enable all the parties involved to think out of the box.

Concentrating on the concepts of social responsibility, green earth concept, reuse and recycle, etc., would be a great way of teaching the importance of their responsibility towards mankind. The short films, documentaries/ telefilms about the innovative concepts from various departments of the university enables students to think about the possibilities in their educational subjects.

An annual festival of an educational institution is usually looked at with excitement. While fun and frolic are always on the cards, striking a balance on innovative concepts both related to the curriculum and otherwise coupled with concepts of the latest technology and social responsibility would work as a perfect blend. Students and the distinguished guests would thoroughly enjoy and look forward to it!