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Technology is being used for more reasons than ever. Irrespective of the type of work you are doing, you are going to use a computer. IT skills constitute coding, communication, networks, time management and more. Computer literacy is the most essential skill one needs to have for a bright career in IT. The basic knowledge of computer applications and skills required is expected from every employer in the IT field. Job hunting has become a problem and as skills in candidates are not up to the mark, they have to work harder to learn these skills to tell them apart from the others trying for the same job.

IT Skill IndiaTo mark yourself a well-rounded individual in the IT field, web development, application making, coding and project management are the prerequisites. With the increase in global internet users, the need for these skills increases with each passing day. The mobile market is expanding as well and IT skills are becoming the need of the hour. The skill gap is visible and now is the right time to learn these skills and shape your career.

With formal learning, self-learning these skills are also possible with the numerous websites and platforms providing these for affordable prices. Learning these skills will add weight to your resume and indicate your proficiency in the field. There is no denying the importance of these skills in this time and age. With these skills, you also become comfortable with computers and innovate something new.  The cutting edge technologies are getting more complex than ever. This is not a reason to scare you away because most of the front end tech is user-friendly. Companies are on a lookout for employees with potential and who can leverage available technology and make the maximum use of it. The more skills you can, the easier it gets for you to adapt to these changing trends. The employers gladly open their pockets to pay for people with in-demand skills. Be it self-employed, start-up, freelancer. These skills make you self- assured while applying for these jobs. He who believes his learning is finished once he gains his degree is wrong.

Life in the technical field is always about learning new things and innovation. Staying on the right side of the technology fence is important because it is crucial to the industry. There are new ideas in the market and one must be open to learning these and implementing them. The future of job markets will revolve around technology and finance. It is expected that, by 2030, around 66,000 new technology and data science jobs will be floated in the US and other developed nation. In this period, 35% of jobs announced by 19 banks and asset managers of Europe and the US were specifically related to tech and data roles. 61% of companies insist on machine learning and artificial intelligence as an important skill. Cloud computing is also in demand as companies switch from server architecture to cloud.   According to Gartner, the market for public cloud services is projected to grow by 17.3% in 2020. The most in-demand cloud computing skills are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Java, Linux, software development, DevOps, Docker and Infrastructure as a Service. 

The following are the most important IT skills in 2019.

  1. Cloud computing.: This skill intersects with every other skill in the list. It is one of the highest-paid in the IT industry. Cloud has also opened new channels for IoT(Internet of things) and AI(Artificial intelligence). The public cloud services market is expected to grow 17.3% this year. There is a visible skill gap because companies find it hard to search for employees with the required cloud skills.

2. Cybersecurity: When it comes to protecting data and information, there is a lot at stake. Cyberattacks are increasing and taking place with the utmost sophistication.  There are not enough employees to fill these positions and it is in demand as of now. An analysis of worldwide identity and access management by the International Data Corporation (IDC) revealed that 55% of consumers would switch platforms/providers due to the threat of a data breach, and 78% would switch if a breach impacted them directly. As the creativity and efficiency of breaches increase, it is important to learn this skill. If you do have the skills, you will be compensated handsomely

IT Skill India

3. Networking and wireless: The market for software-defined networks (SDN) is growing quickly, due to the flexibility and adaptability they provide. For those with an updated networking skill set, there certainly are opportunities for advancement and higher pay. With this level of growth, networking skills are a safe and smart bet for IT professionals. 

4. Analytics and data management: Analytics and data management are growing skill needs as organizations tend to be more data-driven. This culture of information allows for better insight into patterns and trends.  Professionals with these skills are tasked with helping organizations solve problems and make more informed evaluations. 



Companies always keep an eye open for skilled employees from technical backgrounds. Nurturing your thirst for knowledge will pay you off more than ever. Fresh thinkers, the innovative staff is the most important thing companies look for and its the best skill you can learn this year.