MBA Invertis University

Invertis University offers MBA in the Financial market – a collaboration with NSE academy and a few other dual specializations. The MBA admissions for 2020 at Invertis University has begun. An MBA degree offers a great many benefits to one’s career and professional goals. Increased self- confidence, strategic thinking, better communication, self-discipline, better time management, a broader perspective of the world, a strong network of colleagues, higher income, and better management of personal finances are a few benefits of an MBA degree.


MBA Invertis UniversityThe MBA degree offered by Invertis University is a full-time postgraduate degree course. The students are required to have scored at least 50% marks in the graduation of any discipline. MBA at Invertis University is a flagship program that has been running since 1998, the same year as its inception. 


The MBA program offered by the Invertis university with a few dual specializations options like Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Operations Management, Information Technology, International Business, Project Management, Urban development management, Agriculture and Rural management, Retail management and Tours & Travel management.


An MBA degree imparts knowledge that helps in making smart decisions for complex business problems and enables to expeditiously analyze humongous amounts of data. If you are looking for a C-suite job at a multinational corporation then an MBA degree would work as a stepping stone and an asset if you are planning on a startup. MBA from the top-notch educational institutions is the one credential that works well on the resumes of millions of executives of various fortune 500 companies. While an MBA degree is a great credential it is not a free ticket for fortune. Academic pedigree coupled with efforts, initiative, and creativity helps in becoming successful.


 Types of MBA programs


MBA is a full-time program that lasts two years. However, in recent years there have been a few MBA programs that have been accelerated and offered for one year. There are also a few other types of MBA programs that vary in length and are called part-time and executive MBA programs. These type of programs are designed by considering the working professionals.


MBA Invertis University

Process of enrollment


A standard test like GMAT/ GRE, resume, essay, and recommendation letters are a few common requisites of the enrollment to an MBA program. Most of the MBA programs are designed for college graduates except for a few that are tailored to students with previous work experience. Career progression is vital in an application since the admission officers usually consider the success stories of the student’s college campus, local community, current company, and past employers.




MBA programs are offered with a variety of specializations. It is important for students to choose their specialization branch carefully based on their skills, their ability to perform in the relative area, and whether the chosen field of the specialization will fetch them a well-paid job.


MBA program – Students groomed for real-world challenges.


Economics, management, finance, marketing, business ethics, accounting, and organizational behaviour are a few subjects that are typically taught in an MBA program. An MBA degree from Invertis University does not pigeonhole the students into specific careers. 


The design of the course content at the MBA program offered by Invertis university enables students to understand the comprehensive study of businesses that helps them once they step into an executive role in their career.

The Industrial visits, social welfare programs, guest lectures, expertise enhancement and industry-academia interface provides students with some meaningful learning opportunities with actual corporates.


MBA – A lifetime network


Students of an MBA program at Invertis University forge into making great relationships with fellow students and faculties. The students entering into an MBA program enrol themselves into an alumni network that provides them with a lifetime membership of personal and professional support. These relationships facilitate them to make career transitions both during and long after the completion of their graduation.



High salary


Some of the career paths that have proved financially lucrative for the MBA degree holders are Computer and Information Systems Manager (CIS), Marketing Manager, Investment Bank Manager, Information Technology Director (IT), Financial Manager, Management Consultant, and Chief Technology Officer.


How an MBA helps


MBA is an advanced degree program that provides credentials to business professionals both in the private and public sectors. MBA is the most sought after professional degree around the globe. MBA from reputed educational institutions offer a blend of skills that are both business and management related. MBA enables students to prepare themselves for the professional life by providing them with on-the-job experience, insider knowledge of the business and helps them build networks and relationships in the corporate world.


Key Skills


Motivating a team to work towards a common goal and ensuring to keep up their morale and efficiency are a few leadership qualities that MBA students acquire through their study of communication, psychology, and sociology studies.


MBA programs enable students to work effectively and efficiently in a team through its projects that require collaborative participation.


The projects, assignments, and individual presentations improve their soft skills and provide students with ample opportunities to improve their public speaking capabilities through their interaction with professors and peers.


MBA programs help to enable students to learn problem-solving through practical studies and class exercises. These activities enable them to be business ready where they have to address complex problems under pressure.


Business communication, problem-solving, time management, and leadership are a few soft skills that go through immense changes and prepare the students to enter the corporate world where they take over executive roles in various functions like finance, marketing, Information technology, and human resources.


A degree in MBA is usually on the minds of the students from a very early age and they are ready for the challenge when the time comes. Studying for GMAT, scoring well, choosing a relevant specialization, and applying in the dream school with all the documents is just the first step of making the dream come true. The industrial visits, internship programs, industry exchange, and guest lectures equip students to face real-world challenges. However, Focusing on cultural fitment and financial affordability are a couple of things that are vital and to be considered at the time of making the decisions of enrollment. Improvement in their communication, problem-solving skills, leadership abilities, overall grooming, and building a great network are a few things that set the MBA degree holders from Invertis University a class apart.