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Artificial Intelligence, Smart Grid and Smart City Applications(AISGSC-2019)

Jan 4 - Jan 5, 2019
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  • Contemporary Artificial Intelligence focuses on methods and algorithms for solving challenging problems in systems that behave intelligently in specialized domains such as medical diagnostics, decision making, speech and text recognition, gene expression analysis etc. Artificial intelligence based cognitive applications encompass areas Brain-like Computing, Mining cognitive patterns, Cognitive architectures, Cognition-inspired complex systems, Cognitive and computation models, Human reasoning mechanisms, Modeling human multiperception mechanisms and visual, auditory and tactile information processing, Expert systems, knowledge representation and reasoning, Natural languages processing, cognitive and autonomous agents, etc. Cognitive Computing is a multi-disciplinary research field that addresses the development of Intelligent Systems inspired by the Cognitive Science and Neuropsychology. These systems implement brain like mechanism for better learning, reasoning and engaging. Development of such systems helps in addressing problems across different fields like Computational Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Neuroscience and Informatics. The vision of this conference is to welcome papers raising challenging questions, innovative ideas and out of the box thinking which will lead to interesting discussions of the ongoing research in the broad domain of Artificial Intelligence and allied areas in the perspective of designing smart cyber physical systems. Cyber security is a difficult and serious endeavor which over time strives to find a balance in managing the security of computing capabilities to protect the technology which connects and enriches the lives of everyone. Peering into the future of cyber security provides valuable insights around the challenges and opportunities. The industry is changing rapidly and attackers seem to always be one step ahead. Organizations must not only address what is ongoing, but also prepare for how cyber-threats will maneuver in the future.

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