Udhyam Foundation

When a former employee of Flipkart, Mekin Maheshwari was thinking about starting up, his thought process was centred on one question – How actually young mindsets and minds are getting shaped? He held many CXO level positions in the company, consistently looked for one significant component as a leader – an entrepreneurial drive and spirit. With Udhyam Foundation, he has reached the situation with its two modules that emphasis on mentoring for school students and inculcating entrepreneurship tenets for Indian Startups. At present, the program is very much active in 1,024 schools in Delhi, where it centres on problem-solving rather than the more universal rote learning formula India is recognized for.

Mekin Maheshwari said, “Entrepreneurship drive is what made everybody take responsibility and ownership, and that originates from having a different attitude and training. When he thought more about it, he understood that there was a problem in the basic Indian pedagogy. The present education system didn’t make students build solutions or own a problem. He also understood that there was a requirement to create entrepreneurs having the right attitude in India. In late 2016, the seed idea of Udhyam Foundation started. The early pitches and program initiated in March 2017. Udhyam Foundation builds a curriculum for young students to learn and build up a particular mindset which helps them to become job creators and not only the job seekers. 

Two modules of Udhyam Foundation’s – Udhyam Vyapaar, a program concentrating on mentoring existing micro and small-scale entrepreneurs to scale and succeed, and Udhyam Shiksha, a program concentrating on building up a entrepreneurial mindset. 

Flipkart udhyam studentsEx-Flipkart employee, Mekin would like to encourage children to become leading entrepreneurs with Indian Startups. The idea required significant effort and time. Mekin worked with various organizations and understood that the percentage of students graduating versus the number of employments in the market was not equal. A report by the Indian Labor Organization (ILO) in November 2018 showed that over 18.9 million students were jobless, and the ones that graduated didn’t have the correct skills to be employable. So, Mekin set out to create Udhyam Foundation to create more job creators than job seekers. 

Mekin Maheshwari also said that to make us more entrepreneurial, we must build a system and program that supports problem-solving as a thought process in students within the school curriculum and leads to the creation of many Indian Startups. Udhyam Shiksha is a program created with boards – Entrepreneurial Mindset Curriculum (EMC) and NCERT. The curriculum focuses on students taking part in various activity-based learning to assist them to build up an entrepreneurial mindset. 

Udhayam has recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Co-founder, Flipkart – Binny Bansal. Talking about the investment Binny said that entrepreneurship can easily solve a very big problem for the nation.  He further added that by building entrepreneurial mindsets, people are going to succeed. Basically, Udhyam is ‘teaching individuals how to fish’ and focus on skilling is quickly developing. Binny Bansal also said that the dream of giving quality education to a huge number of students in India will soon become a reality by our entrepreneurs. It is unquestionably one of the key zones of investment for him, given the positive effect it can have on our nation and different parts of the world too.