The even semesters of the colleges affiliated to the Delhi University are famous all across the country for the various departmental, cultural, annual, etc. fests and events that they host. Almost all important activities, in which the students show an eager interest, happen during this time of the academic calendar. Even though some do not take a keen interest in departmental or societal events, the fests are definitely hip events that will make you let your hair down. In no doubt whatsoever, every student across the country awaits his/her college’s annual cultural fest. Yet there are these annual carnivals of a few special colleges that are affiliated to the Delhi University, well known not only for all the glitz, glamour, and star-studded events that they contain but also for the massive crowd of students they attract from all over.

The annual fest, Montage, of Jesus and Mary College is definitely one that is worth a special mention. Being one of the most famous colleges that are affiliated to the Delhi University, Montage is nothing short of a magnificent carnival for the students. All students, but especially the students of the south campus eagerly wait for this annual fest every year. Besides being a fun-filled carnival of joy and immense fun with friends, Montage is also known for organizing eye-catching events and competitions. Not only does it give the talented bunch a huge platform to showcase their special gifts but also encourages students to participate anyway. This contributes immensely in bringing out their hidden talents for everyone else to see and for them to realize.

In this academic year, scheduled to take place on the 15th and the 16th of February, Montage is supposed to up the bar quite a few notches by organizing a special flash mob to mark the beginning of the annual Jesus and Mary College fest. Even this year, just like every other year Montage comes packed with not only fun, frolic and celebrity performances but also events like quiz competitions, graffiti competitions, dance, drama and music competitions, puzzle games, photography competition, etc. organised by the various clubs and societies of the Jesus and Mary College itself. Montage 2019 would be hosting some really much anticipated musical acts from musical sensations like Anish Sood and Amit Mishra, and would definitely delight the hearts, minds, and souls of the audiences. Montage 2019 is also going to be a star-studded affair. Given all of this that’s going to happen this year at Montage, not showing up there with your squads would be a shame!