Every child is gifted – right? Well, the child prodigies that we are going to introduce to you today, have taken the meaning of gifted, to an all new level. They are all of the Indian origins and have made jaw-drop by the strength of their sheer talent. Let’s find out who they are.

The 10-year-old photographer – Arshdeep Singh

Arshdeep, hailing from Jalandhar, Punjab has been awarded Photographer of the Year 2018 (Young Achiever’s Category) at Britain’s Natural History Museum in London. This youngster picked up the camera at the tender age of 5 when his father had gifted him the same along with a lens, for his birthday. Arshdeep’s father too shares the same passion & is the child’s source of inspiration. The photograph that won him the award – portraying two spotted owls inside a pipe – was clicked with his father’s camera from the window of a car. Genius, right!

The 4-year old art maestro – Advait Kolarkar

People are born with talents – Advait proves this statement! This 4-year-old held his held his solo exhibition in Canada’s prestigious St Joan’s Art Centre and became the youngest artist to host a display of his works in the gallery. This young artist’s works are being sold for thousands of dollars. His works have also been showcased in New York’s ArtExpo which is an honor many artists don’t get even after toiling for years. Advait’s paintings portray a significant use of colors.

The 15-year old engineer – Tanishq Abraham

At what age did you graduate? Definitely not 15! At this young age, Tanishq has already completed his graduation with biomedical engineering with excellent results from the University of California, Davis. That is not all! He is all set to start his doctorate research. He nurtures a special interest in medical science and has designed a device to measure the heart rate of patients with burn injury without touching them. According to a media report Tanishq has huge ambitions – he wants to become a doctor, a Nobel Prize winner, a medical researcher and even the President of the USA.

The Nine-year-old entrepreneur – Aadithyan Rajesh

Those of you who are doubtful if you should take up self-employment can bank on this little one for inspiration. Aadithyan, as a kid, was fascinated by Youtube. Soon he began developing an interest in computers. At the age of nine, in an attempt to keep himself busy, he developed his first mobile application. From then on he has developed many mobile apps which he uploads in Aptoid. Aadithyan has clients for whom he creates websites & designs logos. He is the owner of a software development firm in Dubai.

The 3-year-old Archer-  P Sanjana

At an age when other kids learn new words or start attending school, P Sanjana has created her own Guinness World Record.  She shot 1,111 arrows at a target 8 meters away in a matter of 3.5 hours. This Chennai girl personifies concentration, precision, and stamina. News reports say that the child wonder took only 5-minute breaks every hour while setting the record. P Sanjana dreams of becoming an Olympian Gold Medalist. With this kind of stamina at the age of 3, what will stop her?

These 5 children have taken the meaning of the word “genius” to an all new level. Most adults can only dream of achieving what they have already got through sheer talent. The nation is proud of them.


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