The Union Minister for Human Resource Development (Mr Javadekar) has ensured interest-free loans to students and has suggested digitizing classrooms for major educational institutions. He has even forwarded the proposal to increase the allocated budget for the same keeping in mind the current scenario of education standards in our country. They have actually understood the need of the hour and struck the hammer while the iron was hot!

India, being the sixth largest economy of the world with basic free and compulsory education for all (RTE), faces the biggest challenge of quality and universal education. Education is basically subjective in our country with a lesser focus on practical knowledge.

Learning and teaching are known to be the base for a successful and bright future. But the youth believes that ‘IIT and IIM’ are the tags that would fetch them maximum monetary benefits and a decent white-collar job. This is what the central government is currently focusing at: creating jobs/employment (Make in India campaign), increasing vocational courses and providing interest-free loans to students to improve the employability standards and encouraging entrepreneurship.

New educational institutions are being set up to improve the literacy rate. The government is also investing in infrastructure development to broaden the horizons and increase student-teacher participation. The government is focusing on the ‘Connect-Engage-Participate’ module by upgrading the entire educational system. States like Manipur have a Central University besides a cluster university (the government initiative to enhance the functioning of the existing colleges) of 40 colleges under RUSA.

There are several government-run initiatives like the Rashtriya Uchchatar Shiksha Abhiyan (RUSA), UDAAN, PRAGATI etc. for improving the education system of our country. The government has even provided over 6000 crore rupees budget to states like Uttrakhand, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh etc. under the Technical Education Quality Improvement Program, in order to improve the educational quality standards.

The ministry has also initiated ‘Operation Digital Board’, in order to establish accessibility, equity, accountability and equality in education to provide a whole new pro-active learning experience to the students.

The focus has now shifted towards the primary education from higher education, as that’s another area that requires complete overhauling in order to reap better results.

The government has analysed the practical importance of Digital technology and how it has empowered the youth. MNC’s like Google have also extended help by providing provisions like Google Hindi- empowering the youth with the importance of the language and embarking the beginning of a new era.

The government is striving hard on matching the global educational standards and providing interest-free loans to students is accelerating the developmental process. The fundamental of growth i.e. ‘INNOVATION’ has become the key for the educational sector. Hope to see it bloom and match the International standards!

In toto, the entire process would revolutionise the education industry in our country. And the education sector, which was until now considered the brainchild of the Private sector, would now be accessible to the entire nation with equal benefits at marginalised and subsidised rates.