isro The Indian Space Research Organization has a reputation as the best in terms of Science & Technology. The latest updates from ISRO has made many believe that this field of technology has a bright future. This has led to a surge in foreign students requesting to study satellite technology at ISRO.

ISRO would select engineering students from various countries to go through an excellent learning experience. This initiative would begin in 2019 and will be ongoing for three years for a total of 90 qualified students. The Scientists of ISRO would teach these students to build and test three satellites (small) every year.

The program is set to be hosted in Bengaluru for two months every year. The students from abroad coming to India will be split into three annual batches of 30 each. ISRO has shown interest in the small satellites that will be built during this program if they are operating at a good level.

The ISAC which is now called as the U.R. Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) in Bengaluru. This will be the venue chosen to train the students that are coming from abroad in November and December this year through 2020. The U.R. Rao Satellite Centre is famous for rolling out more than 100 Indian satellites for various purposes from its facilities previously.

ISRO U.R. Rao Satellite CentreThe program is named as the Indo – UN Small Satellites Program. The Indian start-ups and the participants recently announced the details of the training format in a scheduled meeting. “Mission Chandrayaan – 2” with its soft-and attempt is a feat and has been so far only achieved by US, Russia, and China. The recent achievements by ISRO have created a stir in the field of satellite technology across various countries. Students in this field across the globe are now keen on pursuing educational courses from India.

Space science and education in it was looked up as an unrealistic dream previously has now become a dream come true for many aspiring students. There has been an increase in the number of students enrolling in relative courses/degrees. India has recognized the need for international partnership in the field of space. ISRO has matured in its technological capability over the years and has become a multifaceted talent. Some of the missions of ISRO that has made an impact on climatic changes on earth and planetary exploration has created an international interest due to its global impact.

Several challenging missions at ISRO has created a tremendous awareness among students across nations and led to many collaborative programs which will aid in achieving the success of various space and planetary explorations.