Is India Turning Into The Preferred Global Destination For IT Education?

Engineering IT India IITEducation has been on the main focus in the country over the past decade. The industry of Information Technology has been making waves both locally and globally and the Indian IT Talent is the most sought after across the globe. Leadership roles in various companies of Information technology have all been occupied by Indians thereby sending out a message that India has the best IT education to offer.

India stands in second place with its number of students going abroad to study. The Indian Government to balance out the inbound and outbound students has decided to invest over $23 million in the study in India initiative. This new initiative is an attempt to bid India as the prime study destination.

The study in India initiative will enable more international students to enrol in Indian colleges and thereby increasing the education export industry to 2%. The Government recently announced its aim to improve the number of international students to at least 200000 by the year 2023. The target seems quite ambitious however it can increase educational export tremendously.

Engineering IT India IITThis initiative was officially launched by the then External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj. The initiative is also jointly administered by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, and Ministry of Commerce and Industry. At the launch of this program the Human Resource Development Minister, Prakash Javadekar mentioned that :

The number of outbound students is higher and the inbound students are stagnant and this lead to –

  • Hassle-free visa process
  • Student fee waiver program, and lastly
  • To create a single gateway of information to attract more students.

As a part of the initiative, the Government has also created a new recruitment strategy to target the students from the ASEAN and the SAARC countries. The government has also reserved over 15,000 seats for international students from various prestigious universities like IIT, IIM, and NIT. This list also includes colleges that come under the NIRF and NAAC framework.

The Right to Education Act (RTI) states that the optimal student to teacher ratio to be 30:1. Some of the states/ union territories with a good average of the same are Rajasthan with 27, Delhi is 28, Maharashtra is 30, Gujarat is 32, and the union territory Daman and Diu is 31.

Engineering IT India IITEnglish is used in the educational manuals in most of the Indian educational institutions as opposed to the local language used in the other Asian and European countries. The English dominance helps remove the barriers in communication among the students visiting for educational tours. Warm hospitality from the locals, diverse geography, rich history and culture, and India being the technological capital are few of the factors that contribute to the increased number of students interested in choosing India as the destination for their education in Information technology.


The start-up India, make in India, and Study in India initiatives by the Government has caused a surge in the number of global students interested in studying in India. The government has eased the visa process for the students visiting for educational purposes. There has been a reserved quota for foreign students in all the top universities that remain unclaimed in spite of being unfilled during the beginning of the educational year.

The improved processes, systems, and safety all improve the number of students pursuing IT education in India. This, in turn, improves the economy with its increased flow of funds to the educational institutions.  Increases the number of foreign nationals travelling to the country both for educational tours and otherwise. The global students choosing India as their educational destination has given a boost to the economy.