Is your child passionate about space science or space technology? Are you looking for an organization that promotes the scientific and innovative flair in school-going children? We have news for you – Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has come up with a programme for school students who want to become young space scientists. Wondering what the ISRO programme for school students is all about? We are here to tell you all about it.

Chairman, ISRO, Dr. K Sivan, announced that from each of the 29 Indian states and 7 union territories, three children will be chosen for the Young Scientists Programme with the organization. The students will be mostly from the eighth standard and they should be having a passion for space research. A similar programme has been run by NASA in the past for American children.

In addition to this, Dr. K Sivan said that the chosen students – over 100 from across India – will be given access to the Research & Development Laboratories of ISRO. Six incubation centers will be set up across the country – North, East, Centre, West, South and North East – which the selected students will use for Research & Development purposes. The first center of the kind has already been established in Agartala.

The students will get lectures on subjects delving into space research and they will also be introduced to the infrastructure, technology and practical knowledge required for building a satellite. They will be visiting the ISRO centers and interacting with senior scientists.

The training will be run for one month and the students will be given all kinds of support to build their own satellite. The programme is being entirely funded by ISRO. Dr. K Sivan has requested the state and central educational departments for full co-operation and active participation.

After India’s Mars Mission in 2014, ISRO has established itself as one of the top centers for space research in the world. To ramp up the space organization’s activities, the young minds in the country need to be nurtured for the development of ideas and enthusiasm for space research. The Young Scientists Programme is one initiative of ISRO that will go a long way in doing so.

Talking about ISROs 2019 plans, Dr. K Sivan said that 32 missions are to be carried out this year. Out of this, 14 will be launch vehicle missions, 17 spacecraft missions, and one demonstration mission. Apart from the Young Scientist Programme, ISRO has other programmes scheduled for the New Year like outreach programmes, planned missions, centenary celebrations for Vikram Sarabhai, Mission Chandrayan-2 and the Gaganyaan Programme – India’s manned mission to space.

The Gaganyaan Programme is worth Rs 10,000 crores and it was cleared by the Union Cabinet only last month. Under the Gaganyaan Programme ISRO plans to launch an unmanned mission by December 2020, the second one by July 2020 and a real human space flight by December 2021. ISRO seems to be determined to carry out this ambitious mission. The main plan is to send three astronauts to space for 7 days. The management structure for Gaganyaan is already in place, said ISRO Chairman Dr. K Sivan, while talking to the Media.