Jamia Millia Islamia

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi established in 1920 has 39 departments in total including courses in Science, Humanities and Commerce. They were recently granted permission to add four new departments to their university by the University Grant Commission of India. The four new departments are Foreign Languages, Hospice Studies, Hospital Management and Design Innovation and Environmental Studies. The UGC has allowed seven teaching roles, for each department which means there will be one professor, two assistant professors and four associate professors with a total of 28 positions spread over the four departments.

Vice-Chancellor of the university Najma Akhtar has proudly said these are just some of the developments planned for the future. She also said how there are 36% of women students who have surpassed the men in the exams, she wishes to bring that number up to 50% soon by introducing more women-friendly courses and appropriate tuition fees. They are also planning on building new women hostels but are awaiting funding from the central or any of the state governments. Najma has repeatedly said that all she wants is more space for women on campus. Najma announced the news about the new departments and the plans for the university at the 99th Founders Day, which was 29th Oct 2019. She has thanked the University Grant Commission for the approval and said she hopes these new departments will help students prepare for the jobs available in the market.

Akhtar said, “most of these departments and courses are going to be scientific and job-oriented,” she also added how alongside courses like hospital management, there are hospice studies, which is a course that is not available in any other city in India and is going to be a huge boost for the students who get the chance to study. She also claimed that the university plans on getting foreign faculty for the new foreign languages department. For now, the foreign languages department is just set to undergraduate courses. The Vice-Chancellor also announced that there will be a new Design an innovation department in Jamia which will have the academic quality at par with the likes of National Institute of Design(NID).

“Jamia played a crucial role during the freedom struggle and in a true sense, it is a nationalistic institution where teachers are working hard to motivate students to work towards nation-building. The foundation of the university itself was based on the spirit of nationalism,” said Najma Akhtar at the Foundation Day celebrations. These celebrations were also attended by President Ram Nath Kovind and Human Resource Development Minister Ramesh Pokhriyal. The convocation saw a huge number of girl medalists. Out of 350 medals, 183 of them were awarded to girls by Ram Nath Kovind. This is the talent that Najma wants to nurture for the future. Apart from these departments, the university has been trying to set up a medical college and hospital. They urged President Kovind and HRD minister Pokhriyal to acquire land for the same purpose.