Campus Journalism Edinbox

There are certain things that are characteristic markers for every generation. For e.g The 2000s were known for indie songs and Yash Chopra films, the 90’s were known for Doordarshan and shows like Hum Paanch. Likewise, its feared that this generation will be known for craze for apps like PubG and TikTok. PubG is basically an online multiplayer fight for survival combat game while TikTok is used to make videos by lip syncing to various songs, dialogues etc. And these are two apps that are wildly popular amongst the student community.

Student life has always revolved around some activity to source entertainment. Up until a few years back, it was games like Candy Crush and Temple Run which have now been replaced with TikTok and PubG. Apps such as these will always exist to entertain the student community and it’s a source of great fun, if used in a controlled form. If a student is allowed free reign over things such as these, they will prioritize it over other matters of essence such as things like studies or grades which could instead solidify their career. There is no denying that apps like PubG and TikTok are addictively fun. The students prioritize them over other matters and spend hours glued to their screen.

TikTok is a platform using which people often get on to gain popularity. A life like that can get very addictive seeing as almost everyone wants to ‘make it’ or gain fame. This leads to the prioritization of making videos on TikTok for artificial things like ‘views’ and ‘followers’ instead of what is truly important and will help them build their career.

The student community consists of adolescents or young adults at a very formative time of their lives. Entertainment and the need to unwind is certainly a serious requirement for the youth, but so is the need to stay focused on the educational front. Spending hours glued to the phone making funny videos may appear like a vent for one’s creativity but this time will never come back in a student’s life.

College is an important juncture in a student’s career, thus its important that the students use this time to go out in the real world and gain a perspective, than hide behind filters and emoji’s. It is said that everything is sweet in small portions- it is essential that the student community follows this thumb rule to prioritize their life and not let passing fads get the better of their future.