Tamil schools Enrollments

Lack of students is a challenge faced by many government schools and more so with the Tamil Nadu schools, considering the latest trend in the state. KA Sengottayan, education minister of Tamil Nadu recently mentioned in the assembly that there were more than 45 schools in the state that had no students and that he had no intention of shutting those schools. The minister also stated that these schools will be utilized as libraries and there will be continued efforts in improving the enrollments in these schools.

Former minister Thennarasu replied to the legislator mentioning that the state-run libraries have been dysfunctional and there have to be some plans to revamp them.

Even though the government schools receive 50,000 as fund each year for the upgrading of facilities in the government schools. A major chunk of the fund is allocated to purchase the laboratory equipment, library books and journals are the next on the list. Electricity, water, internet bills, and other repairs are some of the other development activities that take up the allotment of funds.

 There are around 3000 government high schools and another 600 of them are government-aided. The laboratory equipment in the schools are extremely fragile and of poor quality as per the students themselves. The inferior quality products supplied to the school laboratories are not addressed by the concerned officials due to political pressure. Although the overall educational results of the state of TamilNadu seems to be in good shape a closer look at it shows a steep fall.

Inferior facilities in the laboratories, lack of internet, library, and other facilities in the school including food facilities could all be some of the reasons for the lack of enrollments in school.

Poor facilities and lack of quality in the education provided by government schools are creating an enormous need for private schools and thereby causing a challenge to the students coming from financially backward situations to avail education. More and more parents are opting to private schools due to the poor standards of education in Government schools.

 This kind of a situation also seems to create a rift in the society between children since a chunk of them attend elite schools while the other part is struggling to even attend school due to financial inability thereby causing a failure in the right to education provision altogether. Political interference and pressure in the fund allocation and management are all some of the reasons for the poor quality of facilities of the government schools in the state.