anmohan singh youth management

The former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said young people of India must take over the management and development of the country.  He spoke about various facets of youth management during a coffee table book released on his contribution towards the development of Assam during his term as a Rajya Sabha member representing the state since 1991. 

Hiteswar Saikia Foundation has brought out the coffee table book, which is presently being controlled by the former chief minister’s son. Various senior Congress leaders, including Sushmita Dev, Debabrata Saikia and Kumari Selja were present during the event wherein Singh spoke about youth management. 

Manmohan Singh said he was thankful to the Hiteswar Saikia Foundation for documenting his small contribution to the development and reconstruction of Assam. “It isn’t for me to comment on the quality of the book; however, I must compliment Manjit Kumar for doing the top-notch work for documenting every event related with my journey in the development of Assam from 1991. I must also compliment him for the detailed analysis, documentation that is the hallmark of this coffee table book,” he said. 

Singh commended former CM Hiteswar Saikia for giving him the chance to represent the state in Rajya Sabha. 

“They took charge of me when no other state was eager to offer me a seat in Parliament. This, therefore, respects that they have done to me, which I would never be able to forget,” he said. 

“In a circumstance like this, I have become somewhat emotional, as my thoughts return to the days in 1991 when Hiteswar Saikia Ji assumed responsibility for me in finding a seat for me in Assam. He not just took me to Assam, guided me about the complexities and complicacies of managing with the country’s privilege in Assam, however, he and Shrimati Saikia Ji embraced me as an occupant in their very own home so I became a resident of Assam in a true sense of the term. 

“Saikia Ji was an incredible statesman and a generous statesman that he accomplished so much development and the construction of Assam after attacks of the 1980s. In some time history will record,” he said. 

Skill Development IndiaHe said he would like to compliment Manjit Kumar for having done an exceptionally fine job of documenting all the occasions related to his MPLADs fund. “It was for me a voice of revelation, mindful to different thoughts of Assam, I learnt about the complication of having economy and polity of Assam and north-east of India. That information has helped me a great deal in managing the intricacy and multifaceted nature of Northeast when I became the prime minister,” Singh said.

“India is in a need of young people like Debabrata to lead the country in coming years, youth management is necessary for the development of our country,” he said.