Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Internet BJP Education school intelligent cloud computingAI that is Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are important subjects in the world of technology. Microsoft Corporation, a multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington recently announced that it is conducting a collaborative programme in India called ‘Intelligent Cloud Hub‘. It will be a three-year programme and would be aimed at enabling students to fully explore the potential of  Artificial intelligence and cloud technologies.


Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Internet BJP Education school intelligent cloud computingThe programme helps design the curriculum and faculty skill to a few selected research and higher education institutes in India. Microsoft has chosen India to be the first country to launch this programme. The future of technology is all based on Artificial Intelligence and IOT and it is extremely important to train the faculties, develop the curriculum content and build excellent infrastructure.


Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Internet BJP Education school intelligent cloud computingThere are menial tasks that do not require a human to be performed since it involves a lot of repetitive and basically no-brainer kind of work and the Artificial Intelligence performs the tasks that are the characteristics of human intelligence. The Machine learning, on the other hand, can be best described as providing access to the machines to plan and perform actions as it deems fit, like giving access to the machines and letting them decide and learn for themselves.


The programme will be a great help to the students that are keen to learn and excel in the field of Artificial intelligence, cloud and data sciences making it the much-awaited programme among aspiring students. The company also intends to provide a series of courses to the engineers, that are online and would help the engineers to improve their data science and AI skills. Earlier this year, the company also announced a Microsoft Professional Programme for the public.


Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Internet BJP Education school intelligent cloud computingMani Prakash, the country General Manager – Microsoft India, mentioned that the future jobs would all be based on AI. Extensively designed curriculum for the courses offered, training to the faculties and building the infrastructure are the first step of the programme. The programme involves development workshops to help both the faculties and students. The programme concentrates on training in the field of AI, IOT, data sciences, and cloud computing.


Prakash also added that the vision is to ensure that the participating universities become “intelligent cloud hubs” by the end of the first three years. Microsoft intends to provide Artificial Intelligence-based recommendations for the research specific institutes and help design the curriculum for the project-based learning.


The “Intelligent cloud hub” is the kind of a collaborative programme that would ensure that the existing engineers and the aspirants all get a chance to equip themselves at the skills that are the future of the technology and even excel in it to enter the research part of it. The programme helps the chosen educational institutes to develop their infrastructure, train its faculties, design a great curriculum and thereby enable themselves to become the “intelligent cloud hubs”. The programme is going to bring about a world of opportunities to both the engineering students and the existing engineers and is going to make India the biggest talent pool of Artificial Intelligence skills.

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