Career dynamics are changing and boundaries that limit professions are being erased. While “marketing” has evolved into a digital concept altogether and companies like Tesla hiring social media meme-makers for online promotions, the need for professionals who are digitally sound and well-versed with data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, big data engineering etc. is increasing.

Working professionals who are taking up courses on the concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning or Big Data are bagging jobs that are giving them over 100% hike in salaries in matters of a few months or just a year. Experts claim that AI will create around 2.5 million jobs by 2020. However, it is also a fact that working professionals with the right knowledge and expertise to develop AI technologies is inadequate, considering the huge demand. Presently, there is a vacancy of around 1.4 lakh in the AI and Big Data segment.

Developing digitally-sound professionals will not only ensure a digital transformation across sectors and industries, but it will also lead to micro-successes with individuals drawing better salaries and bagging better jobs.

This is where upGrad – an online education venture set up in collaboration with IIT-Bangalore – comes in! upGrad conducts courses on these new digital concepts to groom professionals for AI careers. The courses are in such demand that already over 200 candidates have enrolled in UpGrad’s Master Degree Programme in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence that it will be running in collaboration with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU). The programme was only launched in March 2019.

The use of AI in the hardware sector is increasing in leaps and bounds. Having a master’s degree in AI, ML or data science puts professionals in an extremely strategic position as employers are always on the lookout for candidates who can play a key role in decision-making. This particular master’s degree programme with upGrad gives you an opportunity to fetch a degree from a UK university while continuing to live and work in India.

The curriculum for this course requires the candidates to submit a dissertation. The candidates will be guided by supervisors, dedicated success mentors as well as industry mentors. During the course of the programme, the students will be handling several assignments and 15 case studies. They will be engaging in practical hands-on workshops. Candidates will be given over 450 hours of training and access to global opportunities.

With the commencement of the course, each trainee will be conferred an MSc degree and dual alumni membership of IIT-Bangalore and LJMU. Not only that, the curriculum makes candidates industry-ready through resume feedbacks, conducting mock interview sessions etc. Placement drives with top-notch companies is another feature of the course. Past records show that over 850 upGrad trainees have bagged successful jobs with big companies like KPMG, Accenture, Adobe, Wipro, L&T Infotech, JP Morgan, Amazon, SAP, Uber, Big Basket, Bain & Co, DBS Bank, and Intel etc.

If you are expecting a salary hike with a new job, consider adding new-age skills to your resume. An MSc in AI, big data or ML will give you that edge over candidates with just an MBA or BTech or MTech. Concepts on marketing techniques, target audience etc is fast evolving with big data play providing valuable insights into a business and its reach. These insights lead to correct decision making. Thus a degree in AI or ML or big data is the need of the hour and will give your career that much-needed growth.