National Council for Teacher Education Bill Amended By ParliamentEducation seems to be the sector that is constantly making news and facing changes. Recently Rajyasabha passed a Bill (Amendment) on National Council for Teacher Education. As per the amendment, several educational institutions received a retrospective grant both to continue the existing teacher courses and to start new courses. The bill is an amendment to the National Council for Teacher Education Act, 1993. A lot of institutions that were offering teacher education courses after the establishment of National Council for Teacher Education until 2017 – 2018.

Prakash Javadekar, Minister for Human Resources Development mentioned that the permission for any new B.Ed. educational institution was not granted in the last three years. However, passing the amendment to the existing bill and granting retrospective permission was necessary to save thousands of students who are in jeopardy due to the courses they completed from various unrecognized institutes.

National Council for Teacher Education Bill Amended By Parliament
Education seems to be the sector that is of topmost priority in a country like India where a baby is born every two seconds. As a country we boast of the highest number of educational institutions at various levels and laws, bills and the amendments of them are the need of the hour. A teacher needs to have undergone the NTT or Nursery teacher’s training to be a part of the early childhood programs, a primary school teacher needs to have completed the B.El.Ed (Bachelor of elementary education) to name a few of the teacher’s educational requisites. The educational requirement of teachers changes based on the grades/ levels they teach.

A large number of educational institutions lead to job creations of teachers. The teachers need to have a certain basic level of education and that also leads to the creation of more colleges and courses. While it leads to the creation of jobs, educational institutes, and courses, it also leads to many substandard institutes claiming to provide various teaching courses and that may result in a number of issues that directly and indirectly affect the quality of education across the country.

National Council for Teacher Education Bill Amended By ParliamentRegularizing the courses and institutions providing the education to teachers helps to establish a standard/ normalization in the education of teachers. A huge number of aspirants enroll themselves for various teaching courses across the country every year and it becomes important that the Government ensures that these students do not fall prey to fake institutes and their training courses. The passing of new Bills and amendments to the existing ones help to safeguard both the aspiring students and the educational institutions of various challenges.


There are colleges at every nook and corner the number of fake educational institutes and universities are also increasing. While there is the danger of these fake institutions taking the innocent students for a ride, there is also the problem of these aspiring students wasting their educational year and money on a fake institute only to find that the colleges and universities they studied in are not even recognized by the Government. The recent amendment of the 1993 Act of The Council for Teacher Education with retrospective effect is definitely a welcome change and will surely be appreciated by millions of aspiring students whose future was previously grim.