Indian Students China Coronavirus

China was recently severely affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus, which is a disease that spread across the country and was mostly carried by bats. Nearly 300 Indian students were stranded in China when the country went into lockdown trying to contain the contamination of the disease as much as possible. These Indian students were evacuated from the Wuhan district of China, and they will be brought to an army facility in Manesar and monitored for the coronavirus.

 Indian Students China Coronavirus

How will they be monitored?

According to the Indian Army, “This was a response to an emergency requirement for the 300 Indian students arriving from Wuhan, we will monitor them for two weeks for any signs of infection and this will be done by a capable team of doctors and other staff,” they said.

The process to quarantine them will be done in two steps, initial screening will be done at the airport which will be done by a team consisting of professionals from the Armed Forces Medical Services(AFMS) and Airport Health Authority(APHO). Next, they will be separated into three groups namely, suspect cases, close contact and non-contact cases. followed by the quarantine procedure at the army camp set up in Manesar, if any of the Indian students are found to be infected they will be sent to the Base Hospital Cantonment (BHDC) isolation ward for further treatment and recovery. 

Indian Students China Coronavirus

The army camps

The army facility for the Indian students who are being rescued from China has accommodation barracks for the students, administrative areas for the medical facility. To prevent a Coronavirus outbreak the facility has been divided into different sectors and each one these sectors have a maximum capacity of about 50 students each, these barracks have been subdivided into smaller barracks to make sure the population of each of these barracks can in no way intermingle with each other. Individuals with symptoms like fever, coughing and respiratory distress will be immediately shifted to the base hospital in Delhi Cantonment.


Medical Examination

Indian Students China CoronavirusDaily medical checkups will be performed on the students and all the staff and health care workers at the base camp. All personnel will be wearing personal protective equipment or PPE at all times, to make sure the coronavirus doesn’t spread into India from China. This PPE consists of masks, eye shield, shoe cover, gown and gloves. All visitors and the 300 hundred students will be wearing three-layered masks at all times.


After 14 days or two weeks of examination, any Indian student with no development of symptoms will be allowed to go home after they submit detailed documentation, those sent to the hospital will have more medical exams and will be heading towards recovery. No civilian is allowed to go inside the army facility unless there are any extreme emergencies. This is a great step taken towards preventing the spread of the coronavirus disease and to help the Indian students to find a way out of Wuhan, China. Hopefully, they will recover and be back home in no time.