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A fund crunch has throttled the Government of Delhi from fulfilling a promise that had made many people happy, last year. As per their announcement, the Government of Delhi had given their word that they would cover the expenses for CBSE board exam fees for Class 12 and Class 10 this year, little did they know what the future actually had planned ahead of their warm promise.

Officials of the Government of Delhi has announced that they will not be able to cover the Central Board Secondary Examinations, which is the CBSE full form, fee for Classes 10 and 12 this year owing to a shortage of sufficient funds to execute this decision. Following the tussle with the CBSE board exam date 2020 class 12, this is probably the next big CBSE news.

Officials of the Government of Delhi released an official notice to all the government schools in the National Capital Territory (NCT) to carry out normal procedures of receiving the payment for the examination as they had done earlier for the CBSE academic year 2018 to 2019. “It would be the responsibility of the Head of School to submit the LOC [List of Candidates] of classes X and XII along with CBSE examination fee… within the stipulated time on the link provided by CBSE… Request for waiving off the fee/penalty imposed by CBSE will not be entertained under any circumstances by the department,” read the circular.

As per a decision made by CBSE last year, CBSE board exam fees for class 12 and class 10 had hiked up to Rs 1,200 for SC/ST students and Rs 1,500 for candidates in the general category. Additionally, students also had to pay separately for practical exams and optional subjects. Following their decision last year, the Delhi government had cleared payments for 3.14 lakhs of students last year. 

Originally, the fees were at Rs 375 for class 10 and Rs 600 for class 12 students for five subjects, while for SC/ST students, the government covered the costs of Rs 325 and Rs 550 for Classes 10 and 12, respectively. The general category of students paid the complete fees while SC/ST students had to pay Rs 50. With the additional stress upon finances in families, the government’s inability to pay this year has disturbed parents. 

“I have two children; both are in class 12. I am being asked to pay Rs 2,450 as a fee per child. I just can’t. I do ironing work in an upscale residential area but the kothis stopped calling me for work for a long time. Now I get work occasionally and make around Rs 200-300 per day,” said Sudha Devi, a single mother who lives in Madanpur Khadar.