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India has been promoting various plans for its students and spending around 5.6 lakh crore rupees on improving its educational system. However, there are a lot of loopholes that are creating abstain in the Indian Education system.

bangladesh education india Some various debates and articles say the prime reason is lack of funds, but it’s not exactly true. If we look at our neighbour country Bangladesh, it has a better education system than us despite spending much lesser GDP than India. India needs to learn from Bangladesh education system about how to improve the primary education system which is the base of education.

Bangladesh is comparatively a very small country which got its freedom from Pakistan in 1971 and the biggest problem is the natural calamities like floods that keep hitting this country. Despite it, the country is doing tremendous improvement and especially done a great job with its education system.

It’s settling itself as an example amongst the world. There was a time when Bangladeshis used to come to India in search of a job, but the picture is changed now. A study shows there are 3,600 Indians went to Bangladesh to pursue their higher education in the year of 2019 out of which 500 are only medical students.


Year Bangladesh India
1997 1.95 3.36
2000 2.13 4.32
2006 2.13 3.14
2011 2.13 3.80
2012 2.18 3.87
2013 1.97 3.84
2016 1.54
2017 2.47
2018 1.99


The above table shows the huge difference in total GDP spending on education in Bangladesh and India. This data is collected from World Bank, however, after 2013 there is no data published of India. This shows how less GDP Bangladesh is spending on education than India but with better results.

The reasons of better result of Bangladesh are; bangladesh education india

  • does is it’s not bounding the student’s and teaches with language barrier, a student is free to choose English or Bangla as their language.
  • It’s focusing on appointing more efficient teacher, better infrastructure, and managing fund.
  • It offers reservation only for underprivileged student but not for teachers.

What India needs to do?

  • Better management of schools education system and infrastructure
  • Appointing good teachers and weed out teachers who did not perform
  • Focusing on parent’s teacher meetings and improving the teaching system

This low-grade Indian Primary Education system is a reason why students are having wasted years in college-level and unemployment. Thus, India needs to learn from Bangladesh education system to improve its education system.