MP Board exam kidnap

A teenager in Tudilla village in the Morena district, Madhya Pradesh, India, kidnapped his three-year-old cousin at night in order to escape appearing for the Class 12 board exams. A ridiculous handwritten ransom note gave away the crime. The note stated that the 18-year old should be sent to a particular location for rescuing the child rather than appearing in board exams.

MP Board exam kidnap

It is common for students to fear exams and even give excuses to avoid doing so. However, this MP teen has crossed a line just so he would not have to sit for his board exams. The accused dumped his cousin in a field just to escape appearing for his board exams. This definitely is an absurd case of exam phobia.

The accused eighteen-year-old Ranbir was later identified as the criminal who abducted the child while he was asleep. Then, he tied his cousin to a rope before dumping him in a field. Ranbir also left a handwritten note about the kidnapping.

The mother of the child noticed that her kid went missing around 3 pm and rushed to the police for help. The police sent a team from the Jaura police station to the village. The team recovered a note stating that Ranbir needed to be sent to a particular location to search for the child. Asit Yadav, Superintendent of Police, Morena, stated that the note had incoherent handwriting.MP Board Exam Kidnap

Interestingly, the note also mentioned that Ranbir shouldn’t appear for the upcoming exams. This put the suspicion on Ranbir. He was then questioned hard and he eventually told the truth. He took the police to the location where he had left the child. The child was safely recovered and Ranbir was booked for kidnapping.