Mumbai Girls Represent India At First Global Robotics Challenge In Dubai

First Global Challenge 2019 A team made up of 5 teenage girls from different schools of Mumbai are all set to represent India in a robotics competition, ‘First Global Challenge 2019’. These girls, of ages between 14 to 18, will be participating in this event in Dubai from October 24 to October 27.

‘Ocean Opportunities’ is the topic of the competition while the participants have to make robots for cleaning up the oceans. Radhika Sekhsaria is one of the team members, in charge of fundraising and programming for the team, spoke to ANI on Wednesday. She said, “We are taking part in the ‘First Global Challenge 2019’ competition. 193 countries are participating in the competition. We are the first team of girls who are going to such a high global platform to promote robotics.” She further spoke about making robots that could “pick up pollutants from the ground and put it on a higher level”.

First Global Challenge 2019 This team of girls includes Radhika Sekhsaria, who is accountable for fundraising and programming in the team, Aarushi Shah, responsible for robot design, construction and electrical. Other team members are Aayushi Nainan held responsible for strategy and construction, Jasmehar Kochhar who does the programming and strategizing part and lastly Lavanya Iyer who looks after the robot construction.

Mr Rohit Sekhsaria, father of Radhika expressed, “It’s a huge moment for us as our daughters are representing the country at a global platform. All of our parents are extremely grateful and overwhelmed at the same time. We do hope our girls can keep the nation’s flag flying high.”

It is the 3rd edition of the First Global Challenge that is supposed to take place in Dubai, where over 2000 students from 193 countries from across the globe will be participating.

First Global Challenge 2019 Talking about the robot design, construction and electrical, Aarushi Shah, mentioned that the ‘First Global Challenge’ is deemed to be the Olympics of robotics. She further added, “In ‘First Global Challenge’, we compete in robotics competition to see who performs better. We are given parts to make a robot that can perform a certain task. We hope to win and make our country proud.”

Being a not-for-profit organization, which is based out of the United States, ‘First Global Challenge’ summons nations from all over the globe to send teams from their countries to compete in a competition that is themed over some of the biggest challenges our planet is dealing with.

‘Ocean opportunities’ is the theme of this year’s competition. It emphasizes on ocean pollution that has adverse effects on the aquatic life as well as global populations. It strives to spread awareness amongst the participating team to take action for preserving our oceans. It also offers a challenging opportunity for young and aspiring scientists to create robots that can help in cleaning up the oceans and make them rid of pollutants.