NSO Kerala literacy

After being forced to be close for the last six months commencing from the middle of March 2020 till September 2020, the Karnataka education department has decided to resume classes of their primary schools and pre-university colleges from 21 September in the conventional, offline mode, on campus. The Karnataka Education Minister S. Suresh Kumar, on Friday, that there will be no regular classes but on-campus schools and colleges in Bangalore and the state alike, will re-open so that students can come and clear their doubts regarding their studies from their respective teachers. 

“From September 21, teachers of Class-9, Class-10, Class 11 and Class 12, will be present in the school to clear the doubts of the students related to their studies. It will not be like regular classes,” said Kumar, during the inaugural ceremony of the Central Library at Mysuru which he conducted along with District in-Charge Minister S T Somashekar. Awaiting the Centre’s approval, they are still yet to decide when regular classes in schools and PU colleges in Bangalore will resume. 

While discussing the challenges that have surfaced Karnataka education news faced by the Karnataka education department, the best PU colleges in Bangalore and schools alike have witnessed a massive shortfall in admissions and enrolment this year. Kumar pointed out that while the general enrolment every year is at 10 lakhs of students, this year the numbers are quite low. The Karnataka education department has been trying to ensure that all enrolment ends by the month of September. An order has been passed by the Karnataka department that private educational institutions in Karnataka can only take up one-time fee from their students and strict actions will be taken against those who are not abiding by the orders rolled out by the government. 

“Under any circumstances, regular classes will not start. We are waiting for the green signal from the Centre to resume regular classes,” Kumar added. 


After six months of online mode of classes, assignments, examinations and education, the news of educational institutions and PU colleges in Bangalore and Karnataka comes as a wave of relief to many while it is quite alarming at the same time. With the Covid numbers constantly on the rise, students and parents alike are worried if resuming classes at a time like this is wise or not. This directly puts students, teachers, staff, parents and faculty at high risks. Nevertheless, the re-opening of schools is one of the biggest news of Karnataka education news today.