Description – The agricultural sector is going through an enormous amount of change and the use of the Internet of Things is definitely helping it. The education sector has been introducing courses/degrees in the agriculture department thereby contributing to smart agriculture.

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Degree and diploma courses in the recent past have been concentrating on engineering, law, management, and medicine. There has been a surge in the number of students availing education and pursuing a variety of careers successfully. Agriculture as a profession, courses, and degrees related to agriculture have all been on the downside. 


There has been some awareness among the youth of the nation towards the importance of agriculture. Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) has taken smart agriculture to the next level. The university of petroleum and energy studies is a private university in Dehradun, Uttarkhand.  has decided to start a school of smart agriculture.


Agriculture is the livelihood of a major chunk of the population in India and also a major contributor to economic growth. The development has been concentrated on technology in the last couple of decades. However, technology has been utilized for various aspects of agriculture. AI (Artificial Intelligence) based irrigation, precision farming, agricultural drones, and robotics in agriculture are a few smart agriculture concepts that have been on a roll.


Smart agriculture helps in increased crop productivity, precision irrigation, autonomous tractors, soil, water, and temperature management. Smart agriculture involves the utilization of technology at every step of agriculture. 


  • Usage of sensors for observation of soil, atmosphere, and crops.agriculture, education, course


  • The data collected by the sensors are then fed into the cloud-based platforms with a set of pre-defined rules that enable decision making.


  • Decision making is made by the machine learning components to perform the next level of action.


  • The results for the concerned actions are recorded and the cycle is repeated.


Usage of agricultural drones, precision irrigation, and utilization of IoT at various steps of agriculture has improved the overall output of agriculture. UPES has introduced three degrees/courses –


  • B.Sc. – Agriculture (Honors)
  • B.Tech – Food Technology
  • M.Sc. – Ag (Agronomy)

agriculture, education, course

Apart from the well-designed course content industrial tours, internships, guest lectures, and a world-class facility are some of the facilities that are part of campus life. Computer, chemistry, digital and a few other domain-specific labs are a part of the campus.


Technology in agriculture not only improves the process and the output but also helps to avoid hazardous situations. The cloud-based data management enables one to make smart planning, monitoring and control thereby leading to smarter decisions in the process of agriculture. 


The introduction of agriculture-based degreed by the University of Petroleum and energy is a welcome change. The agriculture sector in the country has been going through some hardships and the IoT based smart agriculture will definitely help in growing the agriculture and its related sectors to grow in leaps and bounds in the near future. This will directly improve both the economy of the country and the individual agriculturists.