Uttar Pradesh Prepares To Reopen Its Schools As India Braces With Covid

According to the new guidelines issued by the centre for the ‘unlock’ of India, all schools and colleges can take a decision on whether they want to re-open, which they are allowed to do from October 15 onwards. The Uttar Pradesh government has taken a decision and has announced on 29th September that all schools can choose to open in a step-by-step manner from October.

Uttar Pradesh Prepares To Reopen Its Schools As India Braces With CovidThe chief secretary of the state RK Tiwari has said that for the districts permission for celebrations have been allowed and may be practised if required.
However, according to the Additional Chief Secretary, Awanish Awasthi online classes are supposed to continue as they are being held, and should also be encouraged among students. Which means students who can pursue their course online may continue doing so. He has also said that, students will only be allowed into schools once they have written consent from their parents or guardians and that this consent is mandatory.

The parents have repeatedly mentioned that they do not want to send their children to school because of the risk that going to school can entail. Most of the guardians want to hold on to their offspring and continue with online classes till the pandemic is over, and the danger has been completely avoided. These feelings are common across other states and schools for India. Most parents are not ready to send their children to school yet, scared of infection and the medical cost that it can entail. Some parents are even calling this year a void year because of the lack of classroom teaching provided by each school, and on top of this, there are other issues such as fee problems which haven’t been completely cleared yet. While some of the schools, gave concessions most went on to charge parents for the same amount as classroom teaching, which hasn’t been appreciated by most students.

Uttar Pradesh Prepares To Reopen Its Schools As India Braces With CovidHowever, according to the guidelines and the standard operating procedure that has been issued by the Government of India. The top board of schooling in Uttar Pradesh Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE has yet to come to a decision and will be holding a meeting before the agreement with the wishes of the guidelines.

Ajay Shankar Pandey, who is a magistrate in the district of Ghaziabad which is near Delhi, and a part of Uttar Pradesh has also been reported saying that the assessment of whether the schools will be reopening from October will be taken based on a variety of assessments which will be conducted soon to ensure the safety and security of the students who are interested in joining school again. The district’s inspector of schools, and sports officers, along with officers from other departments shall be consulted for a better picture.