Remove term: #makeinindia #russia #Indian #engineers #HEC #Ranchi #Knowledge #Skill #Job #CNIITMASH #makeinindia #russia #Indian #engineers #HEC #Ranchi #Knowledge #Skill #Job #CNIITMASHMake in India movement is making waves across the country starting from textiles to engineering. While the movement is definitely a great help for the country’s development, it also does create a world of opportunities to the population that is both skilled and unskilled. The make in India movement has clearly created millions of job opportunities. However, a huge number of the youth is untrained.

 #makeinindia #russia #Indian #engineers #HEC #Ranchi #Knowledge #Skill #Job #CNIITMASH #makeinindia #russia #Indian #engineers #HEC #Ranchi #Knowledge #Skill #Job #CNIITMASHRecently there was a state of the art training course held for the Indian engineers, that were involved in heavy engineering works. The training was imparted by the Russian State Research Center JSC and was concluded recently. The courses were held in Ranchi at the Center for General Engineering and Technical Education, which is in the premises of HEC Ltd., The HEC Ltd., is one of the largest state-owned machine-building enterprises in India.

The Central Research Institute for Engineering and Technology was founded in 1929 and is equivalent to the State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation. As per the agreement that was entered between CNIITMASH and HEC Ltd., there have been 9 training courses that are planned and scheduled. The training course will be conducted by the CNIITMASH specialists and are of progressive in nature since it allows skill enhancement for workers from various engineering enterprises in India.

Around six training courses have been completed by 120 Russian specialists and there are 3 more courses, yet to be imparted by the CNIITMASH scientists to the Indian engineers. The remaining 3 training courses are going to be held in 2019. The last batch of the training course of 2018 was imparted to 20 Indian engineers and the course was held for 9 days and was named as “Technology of casting blanks equipment for heavy and power engineering”.

While the involvement of CNIITMASH helps improve the efficiency of production in the engineering sector and enhances the skills of the Indian engineers the Russian specialists will enjoy the experience of imparting knowledge to their foreign colleagues and it thereby improves the image in the international technical community.


The Central Research Institute for Engineering technology also develops materials, technologies and heavy engineering products. The Research Institute also develops the equipment for nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, hydraulic and gas turbines, and other metallurgical units.


The training courses will definitely enhance the skills of engineers from various backgrounds across India and further help knowledge transfer to many more of them thereby ensuring enormous quality development in the field of heavy machinery and engineering. The training also equips the native engineers to create some state of the art products and technology and could well strengthen India’s engineering and defense status at the international level.