Some say stress burns calories. Most of us won’t agree! Even if it did, it is definitely not a great idea to befriend stress, especially if you are in your adolescence. But life today is way too demanding than it should be! Middle-School students are not only expected to excel in studies but they are confronted with challenges like doing well in extra-curricular activities, maintaining a social life, looking good and even maintaining an active social media presence. To top it all is the stress of stepping into adulthood or gaining maturity – the turmoil is real and emotional. But this time we bring good news! Finally, a corporate giant – Samsung India– has partnered with UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP) and Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti to particularly aim at cutting out stress from the lives of middle school students.

The MyDream project comes in the wake of the growing cases of clinical depression, anxiety and other mental illnesses among high and middle school students of India. Though the government is already trying to create awareness by training teachers to identify disorders among students at an early stage (under the National Mental Health Programme), it was high time a commercial organization took up the responsibility as part of their CSR activities.

The collaboration is supposed to increase the productivity and learning curve of Indian middle school students by cutting out on their stress levels. The MyDream project will basically be a research study that will be conducted by Samsung India and UNESCO MGIEP over a span of two years. The study will involve students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya schools all across India, who will be subjected to a curriculum based on project-based and socio-emotional learning. Scores of science subjects and mathematics will be taken into consideration to judge if at all the new curriculum has resulted in better learning or reduced stress levels.

The project will be specifically conducted at 64 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya schools which boast Samsung-operated smart classes. The study report will be finally sent to the Ministry of Human Resource Development so that the latter can take the necessary steps.

MyDream is not the only project that Samsung is about to take up for the betterment of the Indian education system. In collaboration with the Andhra Pradesh government, Samsung will be setting up 14 smart classes in colleges that offer courses like Bachelors of Education or Diploma in Education.

Teachers are major change agents for society – keeping this in mind project ‘Teaching Teachers for Technology’ has been developed. Indian society is progressing towards digitalization. Ensuring that the future generation of teachers is well-versed with technology is the main motive behind this initiative. The smart classes will offer 200 hours of course curriculum being designed by the Andhra state government.

Indian society today suffers from a major aversion towards technology. Education too is getting affected because of this. By training a new generation of teachers who are technologically sound, the project aims to hit at the very root of the problem. This attitudinal change towards technology and a technologically equipped teaching methodology will positively affect the progress graph of the country.

Samsung India, through these unique initiatives, is also setting an example for other corporate giants to follow. By supporting the education system of India, Samsung is strengthening that pillar of society which has the ability to eradicate major social evils like poverty, unemployment etc.

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