Karnataka government is ardently pushing its educational scholarship scheme ‘Prabuddha’  that’s all set to help more SC/ST students to pursue higher education from foreign nations. This scheme was launched recently by the government of Karnataka and is positive news for all the students belonging to the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes(SC/ST).



Prabuddha Scholarship Scheme Karnataka

Karnataka’s Deputy CM G Parmeshwara along with Priyank Kharge, the Social Welfare Minister of Karnataka.

This overseas education scheme was announced by Karnataka’s Deputy CM G Parmeshwara along with Priyank Kharge, the Social Welfare Minister of Karnataka. According to the scheme, the state government will undertake financial matters of around 400 students each year. The government has allotted a budget of 120 Crores for the aforementioned task.


Major Features of the Prabuddha Scheme:

  • The scheme is for the students who have passed major international tests like GRE, GMAT, SAT etc.

  • Out of the 400 students, the government will cover the finances of 250 undergraduate students and 150 postgraduate students.

  • The scheme is intended to cover the college fees, airfare, and the expenditure during the course tenure.

  • The government will provide full coverage to the student whose family’s annual income is less than 8 lakh rupees.

  • Furthermore, the student whose family’s annual income is less than 15 lakh rupees will get 50% financial coverage.

  • The government will cover 33% of the total funds for the students with family income exceeding 15 lakh rupees.

  • One candidate can apply only once for UG, PG or Ph.D. courses.

  • Apart from this, the government has granted 33% reservation for women and 4% for differently abled candidates.

  • Maximum of two students can apply from a single family.


This scheme will aid the students who aim to pursue UG, PG and Ph.D. degrees from international institutions under niches such as engineering, management, basic sciences, fine arts, law, agriculture science etc.


Words from the Officials regarding the Prabuddha Scheme:

According to Karnataka’s Social Welfare Minister, only 282 students were able to pursue their dream under the current scheme between 2001 and 2018. Kharge also said that the state government is a believer in strengthening students by educating them and building a better society to live in. The government wants to help the students in order to give them a global education and exposure. Moreover, he emphasized the idea of enlightened India or Prabuddha Bharat given by Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

On the other hand, the Deputy Chief Minister, G Parmeshwara pointed that this ‘pioneer’ scheme has eradicated the predicament of lack of funds and social pressure for the aspiring students belonging to SC/ST group. This scheme will prove very beneficial for the meritorious and underprivileged students. It should be noted that G Parmeshwara himself received international education with the aid of government’s scheme back in 1980.


In addition to this, the government is also planning to introduce another scheme which will be targeting the students of backward classes. Under this scheme, the government will get an incentive of 10 lakh rupee once for pursuing the one-year course and 20 lakh rupees for the course with a tenure of more than 18 months.