Geno Pro Science Conference

Geno Pro Science ConferenceThe sixth edition of the GENO PRO Conference 2019 is being organized by Invertis University, Bareilly. It is an international conference on Biotechnology, which will see many industry leaders, scholars, scientists, and other professionals come together on a single platform. They would indulge in knowledge sharing and take advantage of different networking opportunities. The conference will specifically focus on Translational Approaches In Clinical, Environmental & Biotechnological Research.

We got talking with some of the experts in Biotechnology at Invertis University, Bareilly about the GENO PRO Conference 2019 and here are the excerpts of the interview.


  1. What are Invertis university’s vision and mission behind organizing GENO PRO 2019?

The motto of this conference is to bring together leading academicians, scientists, researchers, and various industry professionals from around the world to a common platform to have a scientific discussion on the latest developments in Biotechnology. 

  1. What is the main focus area for the GENO PRO conference this year?Geno Pro Science Conference

Translational Research is the focus area for GenoPro 2019. Translational research is the need of the hour as we have to feed our ever-growing population, energy to meet energy demand, new antibiotics to fight against multidrug-resistant pathogens and new insights to treat untreated conditions like HIV & Cancer.

  1. How was the idea of conducting the GENO PRO International conference incepted?

The inception of GenoPro conference was done with an idea to link the researchers of this Rohilkhand region to renowned scientists around the world. Every year in GenoPro, top-notch Scientists came and share their research ideas and experiences with the younger minds. This is a great assistance for all the young researchers for shaping their scientific future.


  1. What kind of participation is Invertis expecting for the 6th edition of GENO PRO?

We will have around 350 participants at the conference. Around 100 of them are either Post-Ph.D researchers or PhD students. Involvement and discussion with invited experts of various disciples will certainly inspire them all towards research for the benefit of Human Welfare. 

  1. Geno Pro Science ConferenceWhy does GENO PRO Conference hold such a great level of importance for Invertis University?

The very first conference of GenoPro, The quality of the theme, speakers, and participation from other institutes of repute established GenoPro conferences as the most valuable event in Invertis University. In fact, GenoPro is the most awaited event in this region as every year people in this region start asking its dates.

  1. Who all can we expect to see as the chief speakers/ panel members at the GENO PRO 2019?

SJS Flora, FNASc, Director NIPER as Chief Guest. Prof. R.K.Asthana, FNASc, Institute of Science, B.H.U., Varanasi as Guest of Honour & Keynote Speaker, Prof. Subir Kundu, IIT-Delhi, Prof. Owais, A.M.U., Aligarh, Dr. C.P. Prasad, AIIMS, New Delhi, Prof. Kumar Anand, VBSU, Jharkhand & Prof. Swapnil Rai, AIES, Gwalior are the speakers.

  1. What have been the take-aways from the previous 5 successful editions of GENO PRO?

GenoPro conferences have been successful in delivering its motto of inception. From the very first conference, leading academicians, scientists, and researchers share a common platform to have a scientific discussion on the latest developments in life sciences. Many students got motivated to pursue their careers in research for the betterment of humankind. Participants got exposed to world-class speakers and found solutions to their research problems. The award sessions of GenoPro motivate young scientists to do excel in their careers. 

  1. What kind of challenges is coming up in your path towards organizing this world-class conference?

Such a great event is quite a challenging task. But the support from our Hon’ble chancellor sir and Invertis family make this event most memorable and present an example of good team spirit.

With 5 successful editions of the GENO PRO conference, the sixth one, to be held in 2019 is deemed to be an enriching experience for all the participants.