Acclaimed Indian diplomat and politician Shashi Tharoor stated that succeeding Indian governments have actually been unsuccessful in spending adequately on the two most critical portfolios: Education and Health sectors, in our nation, with budget allocations being really low, these sectors have suffered a lot.

Speaking to a formal gathering during an interactive session that was organized by the Indian Chamber of Commerce on November 04, 2018, Shashi Tharoor stated that the Indian education sector has always been “over-regulated” and learners were always taught to focus on what to think, rather than emphasizing on how to think. He also added that our education system emphasizes more on memorization as well as the passing of exams and thus it fails in motivating learners to think creatively or focus on out-of-box thinking. Our nation today has 24 universities that have bagged top positions among the top 1000 universities in the world under the QS World Universities Rankings 2019.

Tharoor mentioned that the government needs to prioritize on education and health-sector expenditure, contributing more towards the poor segments of the society as well as the public sector schools and hospitals. He also quoted that a majority of Indians who pay for their treatments at various private hospitals usually end up losing all they have just for the sake of getting cured. Also talking about social security buffer, Shashi Throor said that it is the need of the hour, but not just in the ways that the government is providing. Adding to this he further stated that it’s only the insurance companies who are at the gaining end these days with the prevalent rules and regulations. The crop insurance scheme by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Fasal Bima Yojana, aims at recovering the losses faced by the farmer community in our country. The scheme had been implemented for the kharif season this year and mandates participation of farmers availing crop loans by the government.

He elaborated this with the help of an example where he stated that if we assume that about 90 percent of the government expenditure is the crop insurance scheme (i.e. the Fasal Bima Yojana), then it’s evident that it has definitely reached to the insurance company only as actually only 10 percent has been provided to the farmers. Thus, the country is definitely looking for a drastic change in order to succeed collectively rather than increasing the differences.

Shashi Tharoor said that the current government should definitely make adequate arrangements for free of cost treatment and education, doing much more of what was done by the previous government is required.

He also added that he would not exempt even his previous governments as it has been over 70 years now but, the expenditure on health as well as education has only been modest.

Tharoor said the government must ensure a decent public sector infrastructure so that would ultimately eliminate the question of having a subsidized insurance scheme. People are increasing their expenditure on their own health but the only problem they face here is that of increased prices. We cannot even imagine the daily wage workers or poor farmers lavishly spending on their medical needs when they don’t even have enough to feed their bellies for a meal twice a day

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