The traditional classrooms that all of us have known of till now, consist of dusty chalks, notebooks and pens, and a teacher restricted within a time table to teach. With time, the blackboards have been replaced by the visual-aid touch screens. However, the need of the hour is to implement modernization at a much larger scale, which will be able to incorporate all the new age tech and transform education from being a boring burden to the exciting experience children look up to every day. Amongst the wide range of mind-boggling devices, here are the 5 most important changes that you will witness in your child’s classroom set up in the next decade when technology will be ready to take over the educational system-


The major area of concern for every student passing out from school as well as college is the future career path that they are to opt, which in turn largely depends on the results of the concerned examinations. With the advent of the tech in educational policies, the online examinations conducted will deliver the results within a week or so, which will help the students and both the faculty at large, with quicker decisions and reduced logistics, saved time and energy. The unseen advantage will also indulge the betterment of the environment.


Staying true to the phrase, ‘Practice makes a man perfect’, the new age education will enhance and change the course of practice itself, where students will be able to achieve more with planned efforts. The Avocado application is the best example for the same, which provides students with customized practice tests after reviewing the students’ strong and weak areas and giving them the ease of better understanding. Another advantage of a digital platform like Avocado is that the mentors and the parents can track the child’s progress with one tap on their smartphones.


Where visiting computer labs was a weekly luxury for the students in the past time, more and more students are able to get their hands on this wonder machine with the advancing technology. It is estimated that within the next five years, the tablets and smartphones will completely reverse the look of traditional computer labs with the teachers taking a backseat and students following a bring-your-own-device and DIY approach. The main innovation to talk of these days is the Cubetto playset, which is a friendly wooden robot teaching the basics of computer programming while creating a language that you can touch.


With the E-book generation taking a toll over traditional textbooks, the need of the hour is to find an amalgamation point between the two. This is necessary to set the curriculum according to the students’ interest and for moving towards the interactive way of education with artificial intelligence and machine-based learning.


While the traditional classroom is set up in a way that students look forward and focus on the teacher, the future classrooms will base the arrangement on the comfort of students and will be flexible enough to suit the tasks, the students will be working on.

Drifting towards the end of this article, the question arises that, With the technology standing right at our doors to change the future, do we find ourselves ready?

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