India has a booming IT sector and the IIT Madras-NASSCOM collaboration is proposed to help develop future employees who are ready for such jobs.

On December 15, the IT industry body NASSCOM disclosed their decision to enter a tie-up with the IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) Madras for providing competency advancement for learners as well as employees in the Information Technology sector and ITeS (i.e. the IT-enabled Services).

As known to all, our country has no shortage of people searching for jobs, however, poor skill development has not skilled them amply for the industry. The IT sector in our country is a robust sector and this association is intended to build a proficient workforce in order to assist the industry as well as other stakeholders, Nasscom quoted in a statement.

It was a landmark moment as NASSCOM signed an MOU with IIT Madras.
“This partnership is in sync with Nasscom’s Future Skills Platform, that is aimed at reorienting or upskilling about four million people from the IT-ITeS industry, students entering the workforce as well as personnel of other industries and government who are required not only to master but also to understand the digital skills of the future,” a Nasscom executive stated.


Welcoming the signing of the MoU, an Eminent Academician (IIT Madras) and also member of the Governing Council, IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM (SSC NASSCOM), Prof.K. Mangala Sunder, voiced his delight that the country’s premier Sector Skill Council has come forward to expand the remarkable attempt of the IIT Academic Community which has, in turn, resulted in the creation of the world’s largest online learning depository in Engineering Education both in India as well as abroad. The knowledge initiative FutureSkills would become the world’s most considerable as well as substantial online engineering education and skilling platform.

This collaboration will help Nasscom construct a future-ready workforce, willing as well as prepared to work with the evolving technologies.
This would also ensure that there is the plentiful trained workforce for the multiple jobs being generated in the progressing complex business system.
#The collaboration will be direct with the SSC (Sector Skills Council) that is the education as well as skill development initiative of Nasscom.

#Not only the Sector Skills Council but also IIT Madras will work towards creating a skills academy for establishing an extensive programme with multiple courses as well as training programmes in order to promote skill building in the institution.

Commenting on the collaboration, CEO, IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council, NASSCOM, Amit Aggarwal, stated that this MoU would be a significant catalyst for the IT-ITeS industries. The FutureSkills initiative, that targets to get India accelerated on the path of being the global focal point for talent for the new as well as emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), cloud, cybersecurity, big data and blockchain.