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tik tok edutokMore than 10 million content pieces have been created and shared till today, with the #EduTok hashtag. It has got over 48 billion views.

A leading platform known for its short-form video content, Tik Tok, quite recently notified the launch of its #EduTok program. It has been launched with multi-phased integration plan that is in line with broader aspiration of democratizing education for India’s digital arena on this platform. 

As per the recently released official update, it has beheld an all-embracing user response since Tik Tok launched #Edu Tok.  As per the release, more than 10 million content pieces have been created and shared until today, with the #EduTok hashtag. It has got over 48 billion views.

This initiative has been taken by Tik Tok considering the tremendous advantages of Digital Learning. Through this program, #EduTok collaborates with other social initiatives like the Josh Talks and The/Nudge Foundation for the commencement of a mentorship program.

This enterprise intends to help first-time internet users to obtain knowledge by providing them with a pathway to quality educational content that is generated by individual creators and educational organizations for scores of users who are willing to learn.

As part of its collaboration with #EduTok, Josh Talks will be organizing 25 workshops that will be attended by 5000 shortlisted creative individuals. An existing famous creator will be conducting the workshops. The/Nudge Foundation is also going to contribute to the workshop by creating customized content for the people attending the conference. This content will cover essential topics like as Soft Skills, Skill Development, Identity Building, Job Readiness and Career Planning. 

Commencing in October 2019, the workshops will be conducted over a duration of six month till March 2020. The states where they would be conducted include Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Rajasthan, Jharkhand and Jammu. 

Every workshop will have up to 200 participants and would be conducted in the regional language of the particular state along with famous creators of Tik Tok who have been able to allure the audience with inspiring content on the lines of motivation language skills, health and fitness, respectively.

Tik Tok organized an event where #EduTok was launched by Tik Tok in New Delhi on October 18 to uphold and have a discussion over the significance of learning in an era of smartphones.

Major educational technology-based companies like Toppr, Made Easy and Grade Up have joined their hands with #EduTok to present subject-focused content for the platform.