Quality Education is the need of the hour of every country as well as the individual state. One of the states of The Seven Sisters in the North-East, Tripura has a literacy rate of nearly 95%. The literacy rate is higher than some of the state present there. The Education Minister, Mr Ratan Lal Nath wants to improve the quality of education by appointing Academic Leaders to various government schools.

There are around 5000 schools in the state of Tripura. These schools are either looked upon by Tripura State Government or by private institutions. To improve the quality of education, the Minister decided to give special training to 25,000 government teachers. A large number of Academic Leaders are being guided to supervise the schools and education centres.

A new scheme of education for students of std. 3 to std. 8 has been launched. The scheme has been designed for the student of the primary level as the children of this age are good at learning facts. The scheme is being called the “Natun Disha“ literally meaning as the New Direction for the students. An amount of Rs. 28 Crore was allotted to the Ministry of Education for the development of the scheme “Natun Disha”.

Allocating a large number of monetary aids towards education is one of the major achievements of the Central Government over the past decade. Tripura is now, aiming at providing quality education to each and every student of its state.

It’s been 43 years since the state of Tripura has been created. For the first time in these years, the state government of Tripura has started to add the NCERT curriculum in their mainstream syllabus for the academic year 2019 onwards. The syllabus will be followed by all the schools of Tripura, whether be it government or private. NCERT curriculum is the nation-wide accepted curriculum for schools.

After receiving the training for the Academic Leaders, these delegates will be appointed to various blocks in different areas of Tripura to supervise the schools. There are a group of 800 Academic Leaders who will be guided during the training.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister with the Minister of Educations visited some districts of the state where an assessment session was organized to encourage parents, guardians, and students to promote and inculcate educational habits in them. The assessment period also guided the parents as well as the students to make education a necessity for them.

One of the promises from the elections of last year was kept by the Chief Minister Biplab Das. Empowerment of girls and women is the need of the hour. The Chief Minister offered many of the girl child bicycles and kept the promise.

Education and quality education are two different things. There’s a very thin line between both. A great step towards Quality Education has been taken by the Government of Tripura and is strongly recommended by the people there. Achieving the goals set by the government would not be difficult if people support the cause.

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