Ace The Stock Market World With B. Com Financial Markets At Invertis University

Before we delve into the course or study of Bachelor of Commerce in Financial Markets or what is better known as B. Com Financial Markets, a thorough understanding of Financial Markets is necessary. A financial market is any market place where the trading of securities takes place. Some examples of financial markets include the stock market, bond market, foreign exchange or forex market, derivates market, etc. Financial markets are the backbone of capitalist economies around the world. The study, analysis, and understanding of the workings of financial markets in the form of planning, organising, monitoring, controlling and directing of capital resources of any organisation or a company, is the three-year undergraduate course of B. Com Financial Markets. 

This is a very up and happening course and is currently, witnessing one of the highest numbers of applicants wishing to make and build a successful career in the stock market. The curriculum of the course includes a study of debt and equity markets, financial assets, markets, different financial institutions, financial management, and foreign exchange market. Although a very popular course among aspiring undergraduates in the field of finance and commerce, only a few colleges in India are sufficiently equipped to provide this course. One of the best B. Com in Financial Markets institutes in India at the moment is Invertis University, primarily, because of the unique structuring of their curriculum. 

A career in the stock market needs a lot of quick thinking. It is a skill that can only be adapted with time and no number of theoretical classes can help a student learn how to think on their feet. A proper mentoring program for students wishing for a successful career in the stock market requires a curriculum that can strike a balance between theoretical and practicum aspects of the course in the right way and Invertis University is one of the few institutes in India who has gotten this formula right. Located in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, Invertis University moulds students to be able to examine and analyse financial markets with comprehensive financial thinking techniques that are used in financial markets. The final semester will incorporate live mentored projects for a more real-life practice before they step out into the world and can better cushion them for prominent job roles in brokerage firms, KPOs, regulatory bodies, etc. 

The career of a graduate of B. Com Financial Markets is a truly bright one in the stock market. There are endless career options that young graduates of the course can take a leap into with hefty salaried packages. Invertis University offers students the guarantee of placement opportunities in prominent names in the market. 

Ace The Stock Market World With B. Com Financial Markets At Invertis University

Since a B. Com in Financial Markets is a comprehensive course in the workings of the financial market, one of the most profitable job roles that graduates step into is that of a stockbroker. In addition to your degree, you need a qualifying certificate Security & Exchanges Board of India (SEBI), and with that accreditation, you can now step into a future where you are a successful stockbroker. There are other job roles in the stock market that you can take a look at with your degree in B. Com Financial Markets. Let’s have a look at what those are:

  1. Financial and Investment Advisor
  2. Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
  3. Risk, Research, Financial, and Equity Analyst
  4. Online Stock Trading
  5. Hedge Fund, and Mutual Fund Manager
  6. Market Researcher

There are also different organisations and sectors of the stock market where you can try your hand at with your degree in B. Com Financial Markets from Invertis University. Some of them include:

  1. Investment Banking Sector and Consultants  
  2. Mutual and Pension Fund Sector
  3. Insurance, Multi-national and Large Organisations

There are quite a few more but these three are some of the prominent ones. Expected salary range in the stock market for a fresher range between ₹2,00,000 to ₹3,00,000, which will grow gradually with time. 

A career in the stock market requires confidence, patience, experience and a lot of understanding and analytical power of financial situations and the financial market. The basic requirement for acquiring a job in the stock market is a graduation degree in subjects like Finance, Commerce, and Economics. One of the most useful degrees in this prospect is a B. Com in Financial Markets. This needs to be followed by a minimum of 2 years of experience in the career you want to pursue in the stock market with a successfully operating company. 

To bag clients of your own, you need experience and a portfolio. Since the stock market is an extremely competitive place, you need a solid foundation. Invertis University works round the clock to ensure that you have all the required experience, skills and training to be able to be successful in the stock market. The eligibility criteria for admission in B. Com Financial Markets at Invertis University is fairly easy. You need a minimum of 60 per cent aggregate in your 10+2 graduating results from the recognised secondary education board. With a course fee of ₹60,000 a year, this is the best place you can think of to kickstart your career in the stock market. 

“Invertis University has played an Integral role in sharpening my personality, I am really glad to be a part of such a prestigious organization. And also I thank the CRC department for providing me with the fullest support,” shared Sonal Mishra, a B. Com graduate from the batch of 2017 to 2020, who has been placed in the company Tommy Hilfiger. 

Opportunities are galore at Invertis University with their proactive placement cell who mentors and helps their candidates take their opportunities by their sleeves. For a graduating course in B. Com Financial Markets, Invertis University in the best choice.