The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has been planning to make some amendment in the examination pattern class XII since quite a while now. The Central Board of Secondary Examination authorities has planned to change the question paper pattern of the class XII board exams from 2020 as part of a revamp that would include an introduction of a few new amendments as well as a change in the examination schedule. The 2020 board exams for Class XII are supposed to include practical and project in subjects of humanities on the lines of economics and science. This is one of the many changes that the Central Board of Secondary Examination is planning to bring upon.

This new approach towards the evaluation of subjects for which theory-based learning has been the norm this new exam pattern will not only test students on their analytical skills but also reducing the scope of rote learning. According to a senior HRD ministry official, “The questions will be more in the nature of problem-solving. There will be more short questions (between 1 to 5 marks). The stress would be on probing the critical thinking ability of students and test actual learning outcomes rather than allow students to score high marks by virtue of rote.”

At present the practical exams are conducted in the school itself but in the presence of an external examiner allotted by the central board of secondary examination who is invested with the authority of marking the students according to their performance in the practical exam, but as per the new reforms the school teachers will also have a say in the practical marks and will be allowed to award a certain percentage of marks to the students. The new reform also comes with a hike in the full marks of the practical exams for subjects in which they were already a part of the examination system. There is a possibility of an increased up to 40 marks in such practical exams.

CBSE Board Revamp 2020: Stress On Practicals In Humanities This introduction of practicals and projects in the Central Board of Secondary Examination class XII board exams in subjects for which traditional theory-based learning was a norm has been very well received by both the students as well as the teachers since these reforms may prove to be instrumental in allowing the students to score more marks than the usual.

The reforms also include holding vocational subject tests earlier around February as well as an early declaration of results. The central board of secondary education has also submitted a new set of “CBSE bylaws” to the education ministry for approval which mainly focuses on the renewal or affiliation of schools to the CBSE board largely based on the academic quality of such institutions. Although the new reforms, according to the ministry officials are still at the discussions stage and “nothing has been crystallized so far”, there is a strong chance for these reforms to come into play for the betterment of the CBSE education system.